For some guys, masturbation is a hell of a lot of fun, no matter how many times they experience it. Simply fondling the penis with their hand is all they need for some blissful "me time." But other guys may find that after several years of stroking in the same way, masturbation has become a little "same old, same old." Since masturbation contributes to continued penis health, keeping masturbation fresh is important, so some new techniques may be called for.

The possible range of masturbation techniques is limited only by a person’s imagination. Below are a few variations that can help make the masturbation experience a little different for a man who has become slightly bored with the way he handles himself.

- The Pendulum. Most men tend to masturbate by stroking the penis straight up and down. The pendulum technique adds a little swing into the mix. Just as the pendulum of a grandfather clock sways from left to right, for this method a man moves the penis back and forth as he strokes up and down. However, unlike a clock pendulum, which moves only from side to side, the cock pendulum moves forward and backward as well - in other words, as he strokes up and down, the man moves his penis around in a circular motion. This allows the man to experience different stroking patterns; in addition, when moving backward, the penis will graze against the stomach, providing a different textural stimulation.

- Ironing board. For this position, a man lies on his back. When his penis is erect, he takes his well-lubricated hand and holds it flat, rather than folding it around his penis. He then runs the entire length of his flat hand up and down the rigid penis; in essence, his penis is an ironing board and his hand is the iron. He can start out with a fairly light touch, which will provide new sensory stimulation along the underside of the penis. As he progresses, he should press harder, causing the top side of the penis to rub against the stomach, creating further stimulation.

- Frog legs. Men whose legs are in good shape can get enjoyment from this position. The guy gets naked and then squats on his haunches, with his knees pointing out an angle, and his feet raised on their toes - looking like a frog about to hop. (It may be necessary to use a chair or bed to lean against). Masturbate, tightening the leg muscles just as ejaculation approaches. Because this position can cause strain, it may be best to start out masturbating as usual and then assume the frog legs position as ejaculation nears.

- Head cleaner. As noted earlier, most masturbation techniques involve wrapping the penis in the fist. The head cleaner calls for an open palm approach (much like the ironing board). Seated, standing or lying down, stimulate the penis until it is fully erect. With one hand, grip the base of the penis and move it so that it is at a comfortable distance from the body. Flatten the lubricated palm of the other hand, place it directly on the very tip top of the penis, and begin moving the open palm around in a circular motion. This intense focus on the top of the glans drives many men wild.

New masturbation techniques may cause a man to go a little overboard, leading to a sore penis. But simply using a top notch penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) can help alleviate that soreness. When the crème contains both a high-end emollient (like Shea butter) and a natural hydrator (like vitamin E), it can replenish the lost moisture which exacerbates soreness. Over-enthusiastic masturbation may also create a loss of sensation in the penis; a crème with acetyl L carnitine, a neuroprotective ingredient, can help restore diminished penis sensitivity. With the right crème, the penis will stay in good shape for exploring new masturbation techniques.