An erect penis in the room is like an elephant in the room - it’s too obvious to simply ignore. But while an erect penis may find itself enmeshed in sexual situations, the truth is that a person or a couple can be creative in the fun ways they use this valuable resource. Assuming that they take pains to practice good penis care and don’t do anything to damage the manhood, there are any number of fun activities for an erect penis.

Like what? Well, the following is just a small sample of games and activities to try.

- Ring toss. The possessor of the erect penis lies on his back, naked. He wraps one hand around his penis and begins slowly stroking himself. As the man masturbates, his partner takes several plastic rings and, standing ten feet away, attempts to land one around his erect penis. They may take as many tries as they like. If they succeed in landing a ring around the penis, the man ceases masturbating and the two engage in penetrative sex. If he ejaculates before a ring is tossed over the penis, he proceeds to masturbate his partner to orgasm.

- Star Audition. For this game, the man gets to just lie back again - perhaps on the bed or a sofa. His partner pretends that she is an aspiring singer who is hoping to take the nation by storm. To that end, she is auditioning for a TV reality show that seeks out musical talent. In order to practice for her audition, she uses her partner’s erection as a microphone. The man, in the meantime, can help coach her with such helpful instructions as "We can’t hear you. Get closer to the mic, really swallow the mic."

- Court of Law. For threesomes (or larger groups), this can be enjoyable. The man is the judge and his penis is his gavel. The other two are unruly lawyers who are forever arguing and making objections. The judge is constantly called to demand order in the court or to rule on an objection as overruled or sustained - all accompanied by the appropriate pounding of his gavel on the desk.

- Driving instructor. For this role play, the man is teaching his partner how to drive. She has only been behind the wheel of an automatic and will need a lot of help learning how to use a stick shift - which, of course, is the man’s erect penis.

- Joystick fun. A home video game of some sort is required for this one. The man, blindfolded and sporting an erection, is given the joystick controls. He cannot see what is onscreen, but the partner can. She takes hold of his erection and uses it as a joystick. Whenever she moves the penis left, the man moves the actual joystick left. When she moves it forward, he moves it forward, and so on. To make it more fun, the partner may also stroke the shaft up and down as she moves it around and around.

These are just a few examples of fun uses for an erect penis; an imaginative mind can come up with many more. But in order for it to be as much fun as possible, the man’s penis needs to be kept good and healthy. Regularly using a first tier penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) can help in that area. Find a crème that contains the amino acid L-arginine, as this ingredient helps boost nitric oxide production which in turn helps keep penile blood vessels open and flowing properly. It also helps if the crème contains acetyl L carnitine, a neuroprotective ingredient which guards against the peripheral nerve damage (and subsequent loss of sensitivity) that aggressive penis handling can bring.