The world is generally a pretty safe place for a penis, because most men have a vested interest in keeping it out of harm’s way. As long as a guy provides the right penis care, he can expect to keep his tool in tip-top shape throughout his lifetime. However, there are some pesky dangers that can impact even the most pampered penis. These are just six of those common enemies, along with some effective steps guys can take in order to stay safe.


Pants that close with a zipper are pretty much de rigeur, but the little metal teeth can that most men take for granted can entrap sensitive skin, especially when a guy is getting dressed (or undressed) in a hurry. To keep the penis safe from the bite of a zipper, form-fitting underwear should always be worn under the outer layer of clothing. That way, if a hasty movement goes terribly wrong, cloth will get trapped, not skin.

Enthusiastic Partners

The penis was made for sex, but sometimes, partners can get a little frisky in the heat of the moment, and they can move in quick and unexpected ways just as a man is thrusting. Sudden moves like this can place a rock-hard penis in direct contact with an equally hard bone, and that can lead to bruising and even ruptured connective tissue. While getting zesty can be a lot of fun, staying safe in the bedroom often means being a bit more methodical. Partners who time their movements carefully, and who don't pull out any surprises, tend to emerge without injuries.

Sports Implements

Staying fit can help to boost the health of the heart, and that's great for the penis. But, there are a number of sports objects that can damage a guy's nether regions, including:

  • Narrow bike seats
  • Flying balls
  • Feet and hands of other players
  • Ropes, bases or other field barriers

Sometimes, using an athletic supporter with a hard cup can keep things safe down below. These products are designed to take the impact of a direct hit, so the tissues beneath don't bruise, tear or otherwise break. But not all sports require a cup, and sometimes, they don't even help. In these situations, men can look for products that are designed to help the penis. Bike seats that are designed for men that shift pressure away from the groin region might help, for example.

Intimate accessories

Cock rings are popular among some men who want to add a little extra zing between the sheets. Because these rings are made to trap blood inside the penis, if they are not worn properly, they can cause swelling, loss of circulation and injury. Men who use these or other accessories should be sure to take them off frequently, allowing circulation to be restored, and should save them for special occasions rather than daily wear to the office.


Trimming up the hair is easy with an electric razor, but these products can also pinch or cut the skin of the penis, and those injuries can happen incredibly quickly. Staying tidy without the fear of cuts might mean using scissors rather than razors. A trim done by hand takes more time to complete, but a little extra time spent on grooming might mean fewer painful cuts and tears in the skin.

Fast-Moving Hands

While outside implements can sometimes cause penis injuries, a man's own hands can also do an intense amount of damage, particularly if he uses fast motions and no lubricant in order to masturbate. These private moments can result in skin that's chafed, red and incredibly sore. Using a quality personal lubricant and experimenting with more gentle techniques could help; and for the man who has stressed, roughened penile skin resulting from aggressive handling may find additional benefit from a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). A quality product made with top-notch emollients and skin-friendly nutrients can help to restore sensitivity, improve appearance, and support immune function.