Guys may not spend a lot of time contemplating whether they personally think of themselves as having a handsome penis, but they know that their partners are interested in how attractive their equipment is - and in how healthy, too ,of course. Naturally, keeping an eye on penis health is one easy way to have a more handsome penis. But let’s take a look at some simple strategies for attaining and maintaining a handsome penis for one’s partner(s).

Eye of the beholder

Of course, what makes for a handsome penis in one person’s view may not in another, but that’s okay. No one penis is going to absolutely please every individual, so it’s okay to accept that. For example, some partners find that a penis with a little curve to it is really up their alley; but that doesn’t mean they’re not going to find a perfectly straight penis to be desirable.

With that said, here are some strategies that will produce a penis that will appeal to most people.

- Wash it regularly. Personal hygiene is always important and the most important aspect of a handsome penis is how clean it is. This not only makes the penis look better but also (and crucially) makes it smell better - persistent penis odor can be a huge liability. Most men need to wash the penis (and balls) daily; those who sweat a lot (especially if they go to the gym, play sports, etc.) might need to do so more often. And men who are intact need to be sure to wash carefully under the foreskin so that smegma does not develop. Warm soapy water is best for the penis, but be sure the soap is gentle and doesn’t contain harsh chemicals or fragrances.

- Stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water is good for overall helath but also helps keep penis skin looking better. Even with enough water, however, penis skin can get dried out, so it pays to use moisturizers on the penis if they are in danger of becoming dry, scaly or cracked.

- Wear soft underwear. Going commando ca be fun, but sensitive skin rubbing against rough denim, wool or other fabrics may get rubbed raw - not a handsome penis look. Wearing cotton boxers is a good way to keep the skin from chafing - and also allows the penis the chance to "breathe."

- Air it out. Speaking of breathing, airing out the penis also helps keep it healthy and handsome. Try to find at least an hour or two when the penis can be naked (and not in use). The fresh air helps decrease odor issues and also is good for penis skin. Sleeping naked is one easy way to achieve this goal, if that is an option.

- Wear condoms. Unless a guy is in a totally monogamous relationship, he should make use of condoms whenever he has sex. Nothing is going to make a penis look decidedly un-handsome and unhealthy than a penis that shows signs of having contracted a sexually-transmitted infection (STI).

- Keep an eye on it. Finally, the best way to keep the penis handsome and healthy is to examine it every day. Being on the lookout for any new bumps, cuts, abrasions, sores, etc. enables a guy to catch any issues and work to resolve them as quickly as possible.

A healthy handsome penis is easier to attain if a guy regularly applies a top notch penis health oil (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin ) to his tool. Since moisturizing is so important, he should select an oil that contains both a high end emollient (such as shea butter) and a natural hydrator (such as vitamin E). In addition, the oil needs to contain a potent antioxidant, such as alpha lipoic acid, to combat free radicals and the oxidative damage they can cause to penis skin.