When a man is getting it on with a partner, he wants to perform at his best. But he also wants to ensure that he maintains a healthy penis long after the encounter is over. The best way to assure this is to use a condom, each and every time. But interestingly enough, many men aren’t sure how to go about using a condom properly. For those who want to learn more about penis care and protection, this primer can help. It’s also a great refresher for those who have been using condoms for years but might have forgotten some key points about safety when using them.

Tip #1: Use it each and every time.

Though it might be tempting to get away without using a condom ‘just once,’ that can be enough to leave a man with lifelong woes. A condom protects the delicate penis skin and keeps bodily fluids separate, which goes a long way toward protecting both partners from anything that might be lurking between them. And don’t just save the condom for the moment of penetration; it should be worn anytime one person’s intimate equipment gets near another person’s body!

Tip #2: Store them properly.

Condoms seem pretty tough, but there are some things that can very quickly reduce their effectiveness. They should be stored at a comfortable room temperature at all times, and never carried in such a way that would compress the package. For instance, keeping them in the drawer next to the bed is perfectly fine. But keeping them in a glove compartment, wallet or even the medicine cabinet in the bathroom is not a good idea.

Tip #3: Wear them correctly.

A penis protection does no good if it doesn’t stay on. Ensuring a healthy penis means understanding exactly how to use a condom. The biggest point to remember is…well, the point. The end of the condom should have a reservoir tip which allows a man to ejaculate into it without risking breaking the condom with the pressure. A guy should pinch that reservoir tip closed to remove the air, then roll the condom onto his penis. He should make sure the condom rolls as far down the penis as possible without overstretching it.

Tip #4: Be careful with lubes.

Lubricants that aren’t designed for condoms can quickly erode the material, leading to breakage at the worst possible moment. If using lubrication, look for a water-based lube that will not damage the latex. Lubricants that are oil-based can cause serious problems. To be certain, look for a lubricant that proclaims "condom safe" on the packaging.

Tip #5: Remove it with care.

Removing the condom is also important. To keep ejaculate from spilling out, a man should hold onto the top of the condom as the penis becomes flaccid. As soon as it’s even a little soft, the condom should slip off easily. Be sure to remove it while a distance away from the partner, so no spills get anywhere near. Dispose of it properly and then take a moment to wash the penis, if possible - this prevents dryness from lubricants or spermicides that might linger on the skin.

Tip #6: Keep a healthy penis

A healthy penis depends on regular penis protection, but it also depends on good penis care outside of the bedroom. A man can achieve this high level of care with a good penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) . This crème should contain Shea butter and vitamin E, two natural hydrators that can ease the dryness that is sometimes associated with condom use. Other powerful ingredients, such as amino acids that fight free radicals and vitamins that stop odor, are also welcome in a great crème.