Whether it’s an occasional tug or a daily marathon, masturbation is a part of every man’s life. For those who practice masturbation regularly (because practice does make perfect, after all), the idea of taking a vacation from their routine may seem odd. After all, they enjoy what they’re doing. Still, regular masturbators should give consideration to the occasional vacation, possibly for their penis health, but also for other reasons.

A fun routine

Although many routine tasks are boring, the same is rarely true for masturbation. If it wasn’t rewarding in some way, men wouldn’t do it again and again. And the benefits of masturbation are many, including:

- Releasing tension and making a guy feel more at ease and less anxious;

- Helping a man learn about his penis and what kind of handling it responds to most readily;

- Aiding a man to learn better control of his ejaculatory response, which can be an asset when engaging in partner sex;

- Potentially reducing the risk of prostate cancer in later life; and

- Keeping the organ exercised and in good working condition.

Why stop?

So with all that going for it, why consider a vacation from masturbation? There are a number of reasons guys might take a break, such as:

- To prove that they can. Sometimes guys, especially those who masturbate daily, may fear that they are addicted or at least too dependent on it. Taking off from stroking for a while is a good way to prove that they are still the "master of their domain."

- To lessen guilt. Similarly, some men feel varying degrees of guilt over masturbating. A planned abstinence can mitigate this feeling.

- To build up semen. Guys who masturbate a great deal often shoot less when they ejaculate. If a dude is planning to impress a date with ejaculatory volume, it can help to "save up" for a few days before releasing.

- To get more done. It’s easy to get in the habit of spending an hour (or two or three or…) in front of the computer with one’s hands wrapped around one’s erection. That time can quickly add up. It may behoove a man to exercise more control and use that time to accomplish some of the projects he’s been putting off. (The technical term for masturbating instead of doing what needs to be done is procrasturbation.)

- To keep the penis healthy. Masturbation is not necessarily bad for the penis, but if one is rubbing so often and so aggressively that the penis is sore, the skin is raw or there is a distinct diminishment of sensation, taking a break is strongly suggested.

How much time?

So a guy decides to go on a masturbation vacation. For how long should he abstain? That entirely depends upon the individual. For some, taking a break of a day or two is all that is needed. For others, a week, a month, or longer may suit their needs and aims better.

It’s important to remember that even when on a vacation from masturbation, a guy still needs to touch his penis. For example, he should continue his daily penis health regimen, which should include the daily application of a first rate penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). If the vacation is being used to alleviate soreness or rawness, the abstainee will need to pick a crème that includes solid moisturizing ingredients, such as shea butter and vitamin E. If rough handling has resulted in a lessening of sensation in the penis, a man should ensure that the crème also includes acetyl L carnitine. This invaluable ingredient is neuroprotective and is just the thing for the kind of peripheral nerve damage that results in a diminishment of penile sensitivity. Keeping the penis healthy during a "hands off" period will make it even more pleasurable when the solo fun starts up again.