When a man looks down to see a very red penis, it is often cause for alarm. However, a red penis can actually be a good thing if it is happening during an erection. In fact, some men encounter a penis so red that it almost looks purple! A man who practices good penis care will eventually learn what looks right for him and won’t be so alarmed when he sees deep redness on his penis when he’s excited. But why does a red penis happen - and why does it look so colorful?

How an erection works

To understand why a penis gets so red during excitement, it’s important to understand how it all actually works. The penis is an intricate organ, filled with quite a few blood vessels and tissues. Along the shaft a man will find the corpora cavernosa, two cylinders of spongy tissue that run the length of the penis.

When a man gets excited, blood rushes to the penis. The spongy tissue absorbs that blood, and as it does, the penis expands. Then, a part of the penis called the tunica ‘closes off’ the corpora, which keeps the blood inside the penis. This helps a man maintain an erection.

Why good circulation matters

Obviously good blood circulation is important for all these things to happen. But just how much does it matter?

When the penis is engorged, it is holding eight times more blood than it usually does. That’s a lot of blood! And the vessels that pump the blood to the penis must be in good health in order to not only get the blood there in such great quantity, but to get it there fast enough.

The blood vessels in the penis must be in good shape, too. That’s because they deal with an intense rise in blood pressure. When a man has an erection, his blood pressure in the rest of his body might be perfectly normal or slightly elevated. But in his penis, the blood pressure is double what it is elsewhere in the body.

Given these facts, it’s no wonder that a red penis is the result of a powerful erection! The blood trapped in the penis fills up all the vessels, including the tiny ones near the surface. The result? All that blood rushing to the area makes it very red, sometimes even a purplish color. It’s perfectly normal and rather fascinating to watch.

A red penis might mean a healthier body

A man who has a deeply red penis during playtime might actually be healthier overall. That’s because good circulation in the penis indicates good circulation everywhere else, and of course, the easier blood can move through the body, the better.

Excellent circulation means that body is more efficient at cleansing itself. The blood picks up waste products along the way and transports them to where they need to go. The more waste products headed out of the body, the more healthy and vital a person will feel. Besides that, better circulation means less fatigue, a better appetite, deeper sleep and even better absorption of vitamins and nutrients from the food a person eats.

One way a man can help boost circulation in the penis is through the house of an excellent penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). When applied topically, certain nutrients can enhance the tiny blood vessels under the skin, leading to better health. To that end, look for a crème that contains L-arginine for blood flow, vitamin B5 for cell metabolism, and vitamin C for proper blood flow. These three ingredients, as well as other powerful nutrients in a Shea butter base, can help ensure the best penis health possible.