If there is anything that truly frightens a man about his sexual health, it’s the loss of penile sensitivity. But perhaps even worse is an unexplained lack of hardness when a man has an erection. No matter how good a man’s penis care might be, there are some surprising culprits lurking in everyday life that can wreck havoc with both penile sensitivity and erections. The good news is that most of those problems can be nipped in the bud.

What is causing loss of penile sensitivity?

Men who are dealing with lowered penile sensitivity or problems with maintaining a strong erection might be very frightened. Does this spell the end of their sexual days? What is happening and how can it be fixed? Fortunately, there are several answers as to why erections are drooping.

1) Jack and Jim. Tipping the alcohol is known to cause problems with getting it up from time to time, but chronic drinking issues can lead to an ongoing problem with erections and sensitivity. As little as two drinks per day can be enough to cause serious trouble.

2) Being a vampire. Avoiding sun exposure can mean less vitamin D, which translates to lower testosterone levels, and we know what that means. In fact, testosterone production can drop by 20 percent or more without a daily dose of sunshine.

3) Going vegan. Many vegans eat a lot of soy, and that ingredient has properties very similar to that of estrogen, which saps the testosterone right out of the male body. This doesn’t mean vegans must eat meat; they simply should lay off the soy for a while.

4) Exercising like a madman. Many hardcore runners have reported issues with low testosterone. In fact, those who run more than 40 miles in a given week are more likely to have problems with erections and possibly with penile sensitivity as well.

5) Being a zombie. If getting forty winks is a long-forsaken dream and a man is stumbling around like a zombie even after a few cups of Joe, it’s entirely possible that a lack of sleep is leading to serious penile problems. Again, it’s all about that all important testosterone - lack of sleep can eventually make it drop enough to cause problems.

6) Being a great dad. Many new dads know the feeling of wanting their newborn close to watch over them - but having a baby in the bedroom can naturally knock down the testosterone level. Sleep disruption doesn’t help matters much. (And of course, when an erection does happen and the timing is just right, it’s inevitable that the baby will wake up and interrupt what would have been a quickie anyway.)

7) Mmmm, chocolate! Ever had trouble getting it up after a great meal and luscious dessert? That sugar might be the culprit, as it affects insulin levels, which in turn affect libido.

8) That grocery receipt. As odd as it may sound, carrying around receipts and other BPA-heavy items in trouser pockets put them in close proximity to the male goods, which can actually throw hormones entirely out of whack. So put receipts, baggage tags and lottery tickets in the glove box instead of the pocket.

How to fight loss of penile sensitivity

With all of these potential reasons for loss of penile sensitivity, it might seem like a man is doomed to less-than-stellar erections. But that’s not the case! Pay attention to the list above and invest in a good penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) that is designed to keep the manhood as happy as possible. The best crème will include vitamin C, which is great for erectile function, and acetyl L carnitine, which is known to protect against peripheral nerve damage. A powerful emollient like Shea butter also helps moisturize the skin, which can heighten sensation.