More and more men are becoming aware that matters affecting sexual health are not necessarily all related to the penis. (That doesn’t mean that proper attention to penis health is not a factor, of course; merely that the whole world of sexual health is bigger than just one organ.) For men with ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, some common medications used to manage this condition sometimes may result in side effects, which can have an impact on sexual health.


As most people nowadays know, ADHD is a condition usually characterized by three symptoms: difficulty concentrating, having a need for an exceptional degree of activity, and a tendency to behave impulsively. As with any condition, it presents differently in different people. Some people may identify only with one or two of the symptoms, others with all three; the degree to which any one person exhibits any symptom can vary significantly from one person to another (and vary at different times even for the same person).

Because ADHD can create problems that impact a person’s ability to learn or complete work in an accustomed manner, many people with ADHD are prescribed medication to help manage the symptoms. Often this medication is methylphenidate (marketed under various brand names).

Although methylphenidate is often prescribed for people with ADHD, it also is used in treating other conditions, such as depression, Parkinson’s disease and narcolepsy.

Side effects

So how might methylphenidate affect a person’s sexual health? First, it’s important to remember that many people take this drug without any negative impact on their sex lives; some may find it even helps them, as it may make them feel more in control and less self-conscious.

But some people do experience sexual health issues while on methylphenidate which may be related to the drug. These issues may include a diminished sex drive, painful erections or, less frequently, priapism. (Priapism is a condition in which the penis remains erect for several hours. While this may seem like an ideal situation in theory, in practice it can produce erections that are quite painful. Of even greater concern, priapism can damage penile tissue to a degree that can have future impact on sexual performance and enjoyment. A man experiencing priapism needs to seek treatment right away to avoid potential long term damage.)

In addition, there could be other side effects which may not directly affect the penis but can contribute to sexual issues for a man. These include insomnia, nervousness, easy irritability, and high blood pressure.

What to do

If a man with ADHD is taking methylphenidate and believes it is causing sexual health issues, his first step should be to contact his doctor. The doctor and patient should review the reasons why the man believes there is a connection and o determine what steps they may need to take. Sometimes the doctor may recommend a different medication; other times he may recommend altering the dosage or the frequency of administration.

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