One of the (many) reasons a guy should pay attention to his penis health is that sometimes, a penis health issue may be a sign of a more general problem. By the same token, a general health issue may have an effect on penis health, even when the two don’t seem related. Such is the case with an itchy penis and diabetes.

In some cases, an itchy penis may let a man know he might have diabetes. And a man with diabetes may find that it results in an itchy penis condition. Whichever comes first - the itchy penis or the diabetes - it’s important to be aware that the two can be connected.

Not always diabetes

Just because a man has an itchy penis, it does not mean that he has diabetes. There are numerous other causes of an itchy penis, including skin conditions such as eczema; use of a too-strong skin cleanser or laundry detergent; scabies or pubic lice; an allergic reaction to a condom; or genital herpes. But sometimes that itchiness is related to a diabetic condition.


Just how can diabetes be behind that need to scratch the manhood? Well, the hallmark of diabetes is an inability to properly maintain proper blood sugar levels. Sugar levels can spike or plummet, and either one of these can cause considerable problems for a person.

Often a person with diabetes - especially undiagnosed and therefore unmanaged diabetes - will experience frequent periods in which their blood sugar is simply too high. Studies have shown that high blood sugar encourages the production of yeast infections in general. And yeast infections prefer a warm, moist, dark place in which to grow - which is a perfect description of most men’s crotches. Hidden away beneath a layer of trousers and a layer of underwear, the penis presents an ideal breeding ground for yeast. The high blood sugar associated with diabetes just makes it that much more likely that the yeast will populate and infect the area.

And, to complete the picture, a yeast infection is known for the extreme itchiness it creates. So diabetes can make a yeast infection more likely, which can lead to an itchy penis.

Other symptoms

Men who are not diagnosed with diabetes may wonder what else they should look for in addition to an itchy penis. Some other common symptoms of diabetes include:

- Increased thirst

- Increased appetite (sometimes even shortly after eating)

- Need to urinate frequently

- Dry mouth

- Blurry vision

- Tiredness

- Nausea

- Numbness in the extremities (hands or feet)


Diabetes is a serious illness, so if a man suspects he may have it, he should definitely consult with a doctor and get a diagnosis. Management involves trying to keep blood sugar and insulin levels balanced. Lifestyle changes are usually required; for example, a person needs to be careful about what he eats, how much he eats and when he eats. Getting appropriate exercise and keeping weight down is also necessary.

In addition, most people with diabetes must monitor their blood sugar levels and take medication when necessary. In some cases diabetes drugs can be taken orally, but in other cases insulin must be injected into the body.

For most men, an itchy penis is likely due to something other than diabetes. In such cases, regularly applying a first class penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) often helps to keep the itchiness at bay. By using a crème with a combination of hydrators (such as vitamin E and Shea butter), the penis skin stays moisturized, which often helps prevent itching. It’s also important that the crème contains a potent antioxidant (such as alpha lipoic acid), which can keep the skin healthy and less prone to itching by fighting free radicals and the damage they cause.