A situation most men claim they would love to experience is having sex so many times a day that they go to bed with an intensely sore penis. Sure, the idea of having that much sex is enticing, but the truth is that no guy really likes having a sore penis - and besides, a sore penis often gets in the way of more sex, and who wants that to happen? That’s one reason why men who practice proper penis health regimens make sure that lubricants are a regular part of their sexual experiences (whether said experiences involve a partner or just one’s own willing hand).

There are many lubricants commonly available, of course - oil based, water based, silicon based. But sometimes a guy finds himself all ready for a steamy sexual escapade - but also finds that he is out of his usual lubricants.

Fortunately, there are some alternative lubricants for some situations - or even just for when a guy feels like switching it up a bit in the "smooth glide" department.

Alternative lubricants

A guy wants to find a product that produces that slick, smooth feeling on his penis, but does so without adding a sting or a burn, as can happen when one uses, say, toothpaste. The following are all options that he might want to consider:

- Egg whites. Okay, so egg whites may not always be readily at hand, but these can be an excellent lubricant - especially where vaginal sex is concerned, as the viscosity of the egg whites can be especially useful in penetrating a somewhat tight vagina. Separating the whites from the yolks can be difficult and a bit time consuming, but couples may want to take the time to try this option.

- Aloe vera. Much easier to lay one’s hands on, soothing aloe vera feels fantastic on a sunburn - and makes the penis delightfully slippery as well. Squeezing the gel from the actual aloe vera plant itself is ideal, but using store-bought gel is a more than acceptable alternative.

- Yogurt. Sure, it can be a bit messy, but coating the penis in a bit of yogurt provides a slickness that doesn’t prevent a fine degree of friction, which is what is needed. The lactic acid also can help to wash away dead penis skin cells, making the penis look younger and fresher as well. (BTW, be sure to use plain yogurt rather than a flavored one or one with fruit added.)

- Nagaimo. This is a kind of sweet potato that comes from southeast Asia and China. The nagaimo has a slimy texture, so when it is all mashed together, it makes for a more than decent lubricant.

- Various oils. Many natural oils, like olive oil, almond oil, or coconut oil, can be used effectively when the penis needs a lubricant and the usual option is out. Almond oil and coconut oil, especially, have ingredients that leave the penis skin feeling intriguingly smooth and looking quite tempting.

One thing to keep in mind: some alternative lubricants may not work well with condoms or may cause undue friction with them. Using lubricants that one knows are safe to use with condoms is best when that protection is needed.

When lubricants keep the penis slicked and smooth, a sore penis is much less likely. It also helps to regularly apply a top-notch penis health oil (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) to the penis. Try to locate an oil that contains both a high-end emollient (shea butter is an excellent one) and a natural hydrator (perhaps vitamin E). In addition, be sure the oil contains vitamin B5, or pantothenic acid, which is a vital nutrient that is required for cell metabolism and the maintenance of healthy tissue.