There’s no end of fun a man can have with his penis, whether that fun is delivered by the man himself or by a partner. But many men have indulged in greatly pleasurable penis games only to awaken the next day to a relentlessly sore penis. This can be bad for overall penis health, as well as to continued sexual pleasure, so avoiding a sore penis is only common sense. And this applies even to relatively new areas of sexual exploration, such as electrostimulation - which definitely carries substantial risks with it.

About electrostimulation

Not everyone has heard of electrostimulation (sometimes known as e-stim or electrosex), but it is an area of growing interest, especially among younger men. Basically, electrostimulation involves using a device to electrically stimulate the nerves of a part of the body - in this case, the penis and/or balls and/or anus.

The idea behind electrostimulation is by no means new. As far back as he 1800s, "suspensory sacks" were used to create an electric jolt to the pelvis. But modern day electrostimulation came into its own in the 1970s, when TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) devices were created so doctors could help stimulate nerves for therapeutic purposes, often to help deal with chronic pain issues.

It was not long afterward that erotic device manufacturers realized that electrical stimulation might be useful in enhancing sexual activities. (This may have been inspired by the process of electroejaculation in animals. When semen is required from a male animal, an electrically stimulating rod is often placed in the anus so it stimulates the prostate to ejaculation.) For humans, often the electrostimulatory device will be in the form of a dildo, anal plug or penis ring.

How it works

Although there are variations, typically erotic electrostimulation starts by applying an appropriate conducting gel to the area to be stimulated. When not using a device like a dildo, an electrode is then set on top of the gelled area and secured in place. A wire leads from the electrode to the power source, which can be controlled to determine the amount of energy used and the duration. When using a modified sex device, such as a dildo, it may be attached to the power source or may have a wireless connection to it. In either case, the power source provides the "jolt" used to dampen pain processors and therefore significantly heighten the arousal experience. In most cases, ejaculation occurs more quickly (and for some, more intensely) with electrostimulation. Some men find that it allows for a "hands free" ejaculation experience.


There can be significant risks associated with electrostimulation - especially if the stimulation occurs near the chest cavity, which can easily result in severe cardiac stress. In some cases, this can be fatal. Also, if used improperly there can be nerve or tissue damage.

Anyone exploring electrostimulation for sexual pleasure should do so with caution and an awareness of the risks. He also should not use any "homemade" or "DIY" devices, but only those which are safe and approved.

A sore penis is one of the less worrisome possible outcomes of electrostimulation. To help reduce the chance of this, a man should:

- Follow the directions of any device he uses;

- Limit the amount of time he spends using a device;

- Never exceed the recommended level of electricity associated with the device;

- Discontinue use at the first sign of discomfort.

When a man has a sore penis, due to electrostimulation or other reasons, using a top flight penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) can help. A crème with a potent combination of hydrators, such as vitamin E and Shea butter, can help provide soothing moisturization. If the crème also contains vitamin D, so much the better. This so-called "miracle vitamin" is proven to help support healthy cellular function.