Whew! What’s that smell? It may be fishy or moldy or something unidentifiable, like leftovers in that back of the fridge, but one thing is for sure – it’s coming from the lower region. The groin is a hot bed (literally) of all things smelly – sweat, bacteria, urine droplets, and other…um…manly emissions. Add that tight constricting clothing, workout sessions, and lack of proper hygiene and it can result in a smelly and untidy downstairs.

Now, this is a perfectly natural thing. After ruling out an STI, of course, put some of these tips to keep the penis smelling fresh and inviting.

Improve Penis Smell: Tip #1

It seems obvious but wash it thoroughly and often. Use warm water and a natural cleanser. Great options for cleansers include natural baby washes that are free of dyes and chemicals. Using a cleanser that makes a man smell like a jacked dude in an Affliction tee and Ed Hardy specks not only is questionable but also introduces potential irritants to the delicate penile skin which could result in rash and extreme discomfort.

Wash the penis gently but thoroughly. Be sure to pull back foreskin gently (if foreskin is had) and carefully wash in every wrinkle and don’t forget the balls! Be sure to rinse very well and then air or lightly towel dry using a patting motion rather than a rubbing one.

Improve Penis Smell: Tip #2

Smelly penis causing bacteria love to borough into to warm, moist, dark place (know of any?). Fight bacteria by keeping the area as dry as possible by wearing cotton or moisture wicking underwear. Try to air out the penis daily to both reduce moisture and shine some light on it (the D loves some vitamin D).

Improve Penis Smell: Tip #3

Get a bought of swamp penis toward the early afternoon? Give the lil’ guy a treat and give him a soothing wipe mid-day (or whenever needed) with a natural baby wipe. Brands like Honest and Huggies make natural wipes that don’t dry out skin but do remove sweat, odor, and anything else that may be making the area less than friendly.

Improve Penis Smell: Tip #4

Make the bathroom a powder room. While no frilly pink curtains are needed, it’s time to add a little powder to situation. Powder absorbs wetness and odors and also feels pretty darn nice.

Burt’s Bee’s Baby Dusting Powder is a nice, natural powder with a neutral smell. Gold Bond also has a great powder and also gives a nice, cool sensation. To apply, step into the shower, shake a little powder on the unit, being sure to shake off any excess or pat in. Do a little wiggly to remove any excess and then step out and wash hands. The last thing any man needs is powder prints on his black work slacks. This is also a situation in which free ballin’ is a no-no.

Improve Penis Smell: Tip #5

Free the beast at night and sleep in the nude. This gives the willy more time to stretch out (thus preserving sensitivity after being constricted all day) and also to get some much-needed air to get rid of moisture and balance the skin. Also, it’s easy access in the morning for a delightful good morning romp before hitting the shower.

Improve Penis Smell: Tip #6

Get rid of smegma

What’s off-white and chunky and stinky all over? Smegma! A really smelly penis may be suffering from an overload of what’s commonly known as dick cheese. Smegma is the normal result of the body’s self-cleaning mechanisms. However, when it gets overgrown (from not washing enough or well enough), it turns into a revolting funk that not only wrinkles the nose but also can lead to painful infections. Men who have their foreskin or sweat a lot usually experience more than others. Get rid of it by clean, clean, cleaning that penis! If it doesn’t retreat in a week, see a doc.

Improve Penis Smell: Tip #7

Pull out the weed wacker and trim that bush! Pubic hair keeps the groin warm and also gives the stew of man liquids something to hold onto resulting in an uninviting aroma. Not only will taking a bit of the sides freshen things up, it also makes it look bigger. Boom – double bonus.

Improve Penis Smell: Tip #8

Finally, ban that smelly penis with a specially formulated penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin) to freshen the skin and protect it from irritation. Choose a crème that includes vitamin A, which is an anti-bacterial. Vitamins C and D also keep skin strong and promote cell turnover, helping to shed old skin so bacteria and other man juices don’t find a home under them.