Cleaning and scrubbing is a basic part of life, particularly for a man who hopes to entice another person to spend a little intimate time with him. The right kind of soap can wash germs and bacteria away, leaving only freshness and cleanliness behind. When it comes to his more intimate parts, however, choosing the wrong penis cleanser can do more harm than good, leaving the skin cracked, dry and sore. Instead, men should consider the following when it comes to their penis care routine.

Avoid scented soaps and shower gels

The nether regions of the body can become undeniably ripe. Sweat glands and sex organs tend to generate musky odors, which then become trapped in the cloud of hair that surrounds the area. That unavoidable dribble of urine after a trip to the bathroom, if left to dry, can make the aroma even funkier.

Soaps made just for men come in all sorts of luxurious scents, including sandalwood and musk, and it can be tempting to mask penile smells by slathering the area with fragrances. Unfortunately, the scents found in soap come from perfumes, and often, these fragrances can be extremely irritating to the sensitive cells of the penis.

Beyond these chemical additives, soaps are often made with detergents that can be extremely harsh on the delicate penile tissue. These detergents are meant to eliminate grease and oils, and they can leach the natural body oils from the skin that are there to keep things lubricated and smooth.

A better option is to choose a cleanser that has no scent and no detergent qualities. A product that is marked as "hypoallergenic" or "sensitive skin" usually works perfectly; or men can choose products that are designed for infants, as these are also gentle on intimate skin.

Use the proper technique

Guys often have a habit of scrubbing away at their skin when they wash, but the penis demands more subtle treatment. The cleanser should be rubbed on with the fingertips, and men who are uncut should gently pull back the foreskin and rinse away any accumulated material. All traces of cleanser should be carefully rinsed away; no residue should be left behind.

After stepping out of the shower or bath, the area should be patted dry with a soft towel. A few minutes left to hang in the air before putting on underclothing will allow any last traces of moisture to evaporate; since bacteria and fungal spores thrive in a warm, damp environment, this can help to prevent issues like yeast infection and jock itch.

Wear clean, breathable clothing

It goes without saying that men should stick to freshly laundered clothing, especially after giving so much attention to keeping their family jewels clean and in good repair. Cotton underwear is a good bet for almost any man, because it is soft, non-irritating, and breathable. Avoiding tight clothing allows for the circulation of air, which is important when it comes to preventing fungal infections, as well as minimizing sweating and the development of musky, unattractive odors

Add a specially formulated penis health cream

Men who are tempted to use scented soaps often do so because they're concerned about intimate smells. Thankfully, there are a number of other healthful things they can do to avoid unpleasant odors, such as applying a quality penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). A product that is enriched with vitamin A - a natural antibacterial agent - can help to reduce the presence of odor-causing bacteria and leave the private area a little bit fresher and more pleasant. Natural emollients such as Shea butter can also keep skin soft. Intact, smooth skin is less prone to infection, irritation and unattractive wrinkles, dry patches and redness.