Couples who have been together for a while often fall into a bit of a rut: The sex they have is good, but they could be having better sex - perhaps by getting really down and dirty. A healthy sex life is a worthy goal for every man, and it’s also part of appropriate penis care; the more enjoyable the sex, the more exercise the penis gets - and that’s good for it.


Often when a couple is in its early stages, the participants are a bit polite with each other. Both want to make the best impression on the other; there’s fear that if one starts right off talking about some of one’s raunchier fantasies that the other partner may be turned off.

However, it’s important that partners come clean about their naughty sides, and hopefully sooner rather than later. If down and dirty is how a man really and truly enjoys his sex, he’s going to feel somewhat frustrated long term if he’s in a relationship that doesn’t allow for that possibility.


Although some women are too shy to admit, many women have at least a modest amount of interest in moving to the rough stage. One a man and a woman are comfortable enough with each other to feel a little vulnerable, they should broach the subject.

The lead for this is likely going to fall on the man. Despite huge advances in gender equality, women still tend to be a little inhibited about bringing up their dirtier desires first. So the guy who wants better sex needs to take the plunge.

Go slowly

It’s best to start off slowly. A guy shouldn’t just spill all his favorite kinks out of the blue. Find a way to ease into it. If a reference to a sex toy occurs during a TV show that both partners are watching, this may be the opportunity to say, "You know, I have a penis ring I could show you later" or "I’ve heard some women really like using a vibrator during foreplay." Or perhaps if a woman walks by in a revealing leather outfit, a guy might "jokingly" comment, "I’d really like to see you in that - and maybe with a little whip."

This kind of approach can ease one into a conversation about what kind of things both partners would like to explore.

Make a list

Once the conversation is started, keep a list of things that could be tried. This can be a physical list or a mental one - but keep track of all the options. Once things have been discussed, turn the conversation to the one or two that both participants agree would be fun to try.

Go gently

Some women may have second thoughts; it’s important not to force a partner into any kind of experience until she is really ready. Encourage her to talk about why she is reluctant, but don’t insist or make her feel coerced.

Set the mood

Figure out what will get her in the right mood for the sex toy, sex game or role-playing experience that has been selected. The comfort of both partners is essential, so make the atmosphere right. If she needs soothing, go for a bubble bath together, followed by a body massage in a room lit with scented candles.

Most men will discover that their partners really get into down and dirty coupling once they start and find the better sex a real joy. Naturally, a guy will want to use a superior penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) so that his equipment looks nice and healthy for the naughty fun. Make sure the crème is going to attend to the all-important flow of blood to the penis; one with L-arginine, which is an aid in this area, is just the ticket. It’s also a plus to select a crème that contains a range of vitamins, such as A, B5, C, D and E; this medley of essential vitamins provides the kind of protection that every tool, naughty or nice, needs.