For some guys, there's no such thing as better sex; any kind of oral, manual or penetrative activity that results in ejaculation is all that is needed. But that's not true for all men - or for their partners. That's why changing places - in the sense of trying new locations for sex - is sometimes recommended, especially when a couple is getting just a wee bit bored with their current sexual routine. Guys just need to make sure they are practicing proper penis care, of course; keeping the tool healthy makes experimenting with new locations much easier.

New horizons.

For some people, having sex in new locations simply means someplace other than the bedroom. For many, getting it on in the living room, on the kitchen floor or the pool table in the rec room is all the change of location that is needed to put a little zing back in the relationship.

Other times, couples seeking better sex may want to explore more involved options, such as:

- Love on a rooftop. A man who lives in a high-rise apartment and has access to the roof may also have access to a sexual adventure. Sex outdoors is always an extra thrill, and provided a man has an appropriately thick blanket, sexing things up on the roof can be a tremendous thrill. Just be sure that one is appropriately hidden, by architecture or by darkness, from any prying eyes.

- Rock the boat. There's nothing quite like engaging in a little skin-to-skin action on the high seas - or on a nearby lake, for that matter. Whether ring-a-ding-dinging in a dinghy, riding a personal wave in a ski boat or popping the cork from one's bottle on a yacht, the added sensuality from rocking to and fro in a boat makes for an encounter that few forget.

- Get a room. Often a bedroom is the best place for better sex - but it doesn't have to be one's own room. Booking a hotel room for the night and engaging in some very special room service can bring a smile to many a man's face.

- Swing it. This is very risky unless one has a swing set in one's own backyard, but utilizing a swing as a setting for sexual exploration can be absolutely mind-blowing. The back-and-forth motion of the swing mirrors the back-and-forth motion of two bodies in sync, and provides a sense of soaring. But do be careful; in the heat of the moment, it's easy to forget how slippery a swing can be!

- A tent for the tent. Guys get tents in their pants all the time. Why not pop up a camping tent to enjoy the pop up in the trousers? Getting down in a sleeping bag with the scent of the forest and soft breezes blowing can make for some lusty, animalistic escapades. There's a reason they refer to Nature as the great outdoors.

Changing locations can lead to better sex, but as mentioned above, keeping a healthy penis is also a good idea for any man. And what helps with penis health? The answer is the regular use of a top-notch penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). Look at the facts: A crème with a potent antioxidant like alpha lipoic acid helps to offset the harmful oxidative and aging processes in penis cell metabolism and avoid premature aging of penile cells. One with vitamin B5 plays a vital role in penis cell metabolism and the maintenance of penile cells. Also, those crèmes (like Man1 Man Oil) with L-arginine help to boost nitric oxide, which keeps penis blood vessels open and flowing. And it's handy, too: An easy-to-carry bottle can be taken to any new locations a man wishes to visit.