Many men complain (and with justification) that sexual activity declines during the winter months. Those wanting better sex during the colder times point out that it’s easier for both men and women to feel sexual when the weather is hot and sultry. Guys who have been practicing appropriate penis care all year may still find their members turning blue from both the cold and the lack of partner-based activity during the winter.

But guys don’t need to let the winter doldrums create a lull in their sex lives. Coupling is an absolutely killer way to generate body heat and warmth, so the following are a few tips to help men keep themselves and their partners more receptive to a heated snuggle when there’s a nip in the air.

Haul out the candles.

Many women are suckers for a candlelit evening. The flickering flames practically cry out "Romance!" Plan an evening with a quiet, candlelit dinner featuring her favorite foods, then follow it up with a trip to a bedroom that is lit entirely by candlelight. Make sure to include candles that give off some of her favorite aromas - and remember that the smell of vanilla is an aphrodisiac for many people.

Get fired up.

Candles are one thing; a roaring fire is another. There’s something about a fireplace filled with burning logs that puts a woman in a cuddly, romantic mood. Fires aren’t an option for most of the year, so take advantage of winter’s icy grip to get a spark going in both the fireplace and your partner.

Get oiled up.

Muscles tighten up during the cold weather and physical tension is fatal to a healthy sex life. When a loved one comes in out of the cold, offer to give her a tender body massage, complete with lusciously perfumed oils. As her muscles warm up, so will the rest of her.

Relax in a bath.

Cold, tight muscles also respond well to a warm, luxurious bath. There’s nothing quite like snuggling together in a tub filled with soapy, bubbly water while listening to appropriately sensual music (Ravel’s "Bolero," anyone?). It’s even better when a couple takes turns soaping each other up - all over.

Warm up the bed.

One of the most uncomfortable things about winter is climbing on top of cold bed sheets. A man can score points with his lady love by taking the plunge first; his body heat will transfer to the sheets, making her entrance into the bed much more comfortable - especially if the man stays and snuggles with her to exchange even more heat. Since body heat transfer more directly from naked skin to naked skin, it’s best to perform this activity unclothed - which will likely lead to other heat-generating activities.

Use a heating pad.

Adding a heating pad to the mix will make the bed even more inviting - especially if one has an aromatherapy pad that adds delicious scents to the bed experience.

Stay clothed.

Naked sex is wonderful - but clothed sex can also be exciting, especially during the winter. Many women also enjoy an encounter in which the man presents himself naked while the woman remains clothed. There’s an erotic charge created by the contrast between the two: The man feels powerfully masculine for presenting himself nude while the woman feels a sense of power from witnessing his nudity while keeping her own hidden.

This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. There are many other things a couple can do to enjoy better sex (and more frequent sex) during the winter months. It will help if the man is using a first-rate penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil), of course. A healthy penis is better able to meet the demands of a cold winter. Many members get dried out skin from the cold weather; a crème that includes a high-end emollient (think Shea butter) and a natural hydrator like vitamin E will help to moisturize that issue away. Cold weather can also affect the blood flow in the body, so a cream that includes L-arginine is beneficial; this ingredient helps boost the creation of nitric oxide, which in turn plays a role in keeping blood vessels open so blood can flow more freely to the penis.