Although there are always exceptions, it's often true that men tend to be more frequently "in the mood" for a little bedtime fun, and dealing with this is necessary for couples who wish to have better sex in their relationships. An active sex life is part of appropriate penis health, but it's also crucial for the maintenance of a healthy relationship.

So what does a man do when he's in the mood but his partner is not? There are no "one size fits all" answers, as every person and the circumstances of every situation are different, but here are a few suggestions that may prove helpful when trying to get a partner's sexual ember to grow into a flame.

- Know who she is . First and most important, a guy needs to think about his partner as a person and not just as a bedmate, no matter how aroused he may be. Take the time to think about the things that this unique individual enjoys and respond to those things. If she likes going for a walk, suggest a stroll in the park. If she likes gooey desserts, surprise her with a treat from the local bakery. And do this regularly, to show that she is special - not just as a ruse to get her between the sheets.

- Try a little water. Some studies suggest that being around bodies of water has a relaxing effect on people. After a tense day at work, walking around a nearby pond or sitting on the beach for a while can help release stress and make one more receptive to some sexual escapades.

- Ask about fantasies. Sexual fantasies are common for both genders, but some women can be a bit shy about revealing them. A man should share some of his fantasies and encourage his partner to share some of hers. Depending upon what those fantasies may be, the couple may then actually try them (e.g., using sex toys or having sex in a specific location) or can incorporate them in other ways (e.g., role playing or talking about a specific fantasy as they begin the lovemaking process).

- Consider menu options. Some foods have a reputation for arousing people. For example, licorice is said to increase blood flow to the vagina, which helps make a woman more interested in sex. Other foods that are often associated with sexual arousal include oysters, pomegranates, almonds, figs, bananas, cucumber and avocado. Keep these in mind when preparing a dinner on a night when coupling is on the late-night menu.

- Look in the mirror. Hopefully, a guy is taking good care of himself already. If he's not, that can have a big effect on whether a woman wants to have sex with him. Guys who have "let themselves go" a little might want to hit the gym to get rid of that spare tire or to get a little muscle back in those arms. If the hair has become too straggly, a cut is in order. And those gym shorts and t-shirts may be comfortable, but a partner might like for a guy to dress up a little on occasion.

Taking proper care of oneself is one step toward better sex, and it needs to extend to the manhood itself. How can a woman get in the mood if the penis that awaits her reeks with a raunchy odor or has skin that is all dry and flaky? Men need to regularly use a top-drawer penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) to battle these and other common penis health issues. To handle that overpowering odor that doesn't respond to mere washing, a guy needs a crème with vitamin A. That ingredient's anti-bacterial properties does a real number on persistent penis odor. And for penis skin problems, a crème that includes a powerful combination of moisturizers, such as natural Shea butter and vitamin E, can't be beat. By taking the time to make sure his penis looks good and healthy, a man is demonstrating that he takes pride in himself and cares about the impression he makes on his partner.