There are few things more enjoyable for a man than spending a productive and enlivening evening in bed with a person who equally enjoys spending their time with him. The pleasure their sexual union produces is perhaps what drives men to seek ways to achieve even better sex. They take pains to maintain their penis health at an appropriately respectable level, research arcane aphrodisiacal practices and jump into new positions at the drop of a hat. Yet sometimes what can help lead to better sex is some simple advance preparation - the steps that they take throughout the day that lead to shared time in bed.

Not just foreplay

While foreplay is certainly an important part of preparation for the sex act (and can help lead to better sex), what is being discussed here is something different. Men sometimes need to be reminded that sexual attraction isn’t relegated simply to the time two people are naked together. By demonstrating that he thinks of sex as a "longer game" involving more than just bodies rubbing against each other, a man can create a better sex situation for his partner - and for himself as well.

Start at breakfast

If sex is on a man’s mind for later in the day, he should start laying the groundwork in the morning. If he is living with his partner, he should schedule a little extra time so that he can do something special: make her favorite breakfast, compliment her on her figure as she gets dressed, take some time to kiss her lightly and caress her before leaving for work. If he lives apart from his partner, he should send her a playful text or email her a link to something he knows she’ll like.

Keep it up during the day

Without becoming annoying or stalkerish, a guy can let his bedmate know he’s thinking of her. A simple message saying "In five more hours, I’ll be lucky enough to be holding an angel" or something equally loving can lift her spirits.

Start before she walks in the door

Plan the evening in advance rather than leaving everything to the last minute. If she’s on a diet, find a menu that works well for her and still has some zest to it, and commit to fixing that for her. Even if take-out is the best option, be sure to make the dinner presentation something special: no eating from Styrofoam containers. Set a very nice table, with linen napkins and something better than the everyday dishes and glasses. Let her know she is special.

When she walks in, make sure there’s an appropriate mood. Spend time getting the lighting the way you want it, put on some relaxing music that she will like and definitely put away any socks and underwear that somehow ended up on the floor or the couch.

After dinner, offer to give her a nice, relaxing massage; if she likes certain scents, find a light body oil that boasts her favorite aroma. Don’t be in a hurry; really use the time to help her get nice and relaxed. Perhaps a cuddly two-person bath would be in order as well.

Also key: The man needs to make sure that, earlier in the day, he has placed fresh, clean, soft sheets on the bed. Few things are more of a turn-off than jumping into a bed whose sheets are stale, or worse, stench-drenched.

Prepare the penis as well

Preparation tips such as these can lead to better sex, as they demonstrate a level of caring and attention that moves beyond the mere physical mechanics of sex. Now a man needs to incorporate a superior penis health crème ( health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) into his daily care routine in order to keep his equipment healthy and receptive to better sex opportunities. Be sure the crème includes alpha lipoic acid, a potent antioxidant which deflects harm from free radicals and the resulting oxidative stress, leaving the penis healthier and younger looking. It should also include acetyl L carnitine, which reverse damage to penile cell mitochondria. These ingredients work synergistically, so if one crème contains both, they pack considerably more punch.