A romantic mood is all-important in creating the proper atmosphere for intimacy, so men should take pains to increase their chances of better sex by thinking about the setting to which they bring a potential partner. Practicing sensible penis health care can ensure that a man’s equipment doesn’t have any unpleasant aromas, but what we are talking about here goes beyond good hygiene to encompass sensual scents that can help relax a partner into an especially receptive mood for shared physical intimacy.

Think outside the musk.

Musk is a scent that is popularly associated with sexual attraction, but its effectiveness has been overrated. While a musky scent may be enticing to some, it may come across to others as too calculating. There’s probably no harm in using a musky scent, but it is probably a mistake to rely on it as the only weapon in one’s aromatic arsenal.

Go beyond the body.

It’s true that the most effective scents for arousing a woman are the pheromones that a man naturally secretes; however, these are not something over which a man has any control, and one man’s specific pheromonal odor may not be exactly what a particular woman is after. While there are pheromone-based scented products that a man can employ, he may be better off going in a different direction.

Consider natural scents.

There are quite a few scents that are generally considered good bets when it comes to helping create a more sensually active atmosphere. Among these are:

1) Vanilla. Research indicates that the scent of vanilla has a relaxing effect on people, reducing stress and anxiety and therefore making one more open and receptive to pleasurable experiences. Vanilla is a popular scent in some fragrances and lotions, but a man can also add a touch of vanilla to his lifestyle by adding a few drops of vanilla extract to a quart of water and rinsing his hair with it.

2) Rose. Roses have a fragrance that reminds a woman of many things, including nature and romance. Too much rose scent can be overpowering, but adding a hint of rose to one’s clothing or wrists is an excellent idea.

3) Cucumber and licorice. This may be a surprising choice, but one study indicated that a combination of cucumber and licorice scents triggers physiological responses in humans that are associated with sexual receptivity. As with anything, it’s a good idea to approach this aromatic combination with moderation; a proper romantic mood will be best served by hints of the combined flavors. It can take a little searching, but cucumber-scented soaps and lotions are available. Mix that in with the scent of a licorice candle, and the path to the bedroom may be that much easier.

4) Cinnamon. The sweet, spicy scent of cinnamon is recommended by many experts in the field. Cinnamon is considered by some cultures to be an aphrodisiac, and the aroma attached to it certainly has an enticing tang. It can be used in several ways. For example, serve cinnamon buns for dessert and see how the smell of lightly toasted cinnamon affects your partner. Alternatively, sprinkle the merest hint of cinnamon behind the ear.

The list does not stop here: peppermint, caramel, banana nut bread, jasmine, lavender and strawberry all have advocates who tout them as romantic mood setters. The wise man will have a variety of scented options on hand and can experiment to see which have the most positive effects.

As mentioned earlier, appropriate penis hygiene is also important to create the scent of sex and a romantic mood. Few things can turn ardor to disinterest faster than unveiling a penis that is accompanied by a rank odor. That’s why every man needs to use a high quality penis vitamin cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) that contains vitamin A. This is essential, as vitamin A boasts anti-bacterial properties that fight unwanted penis odors. The best creams will also include alpha lipoic acid, a powerful antioxidant that can help prevent unwanted penis wrinkles that mar an otherwise impressive piece of equipment.