While some men would say that all sex is good sex and so there's no need to worry about "better sex," most men agree that there are degrees of sexual satisfaction and experience. And while many men also think that setting does not really matter - that the backseat of a car can provide as much enjoyment as a sumptuously appointed hotel suite - many partners may prefer the romance and convenience of a soft mattress and other accoutrements. Since an active penis is an important part of penis health, and as penis activity outside of masturbation is dependent upon the participation of a partner, even men with few concerns about setting should take time to ensure that their bedrooms or other lovemaking locales are appropriately appealing to potential partners.

Start with the bed.

Since the bed is where most of the action is, it makes sense to start with this most important item. (Of course, if a man more often uses another piece of furniture, such as a couch, for his sexual escapades, he should focus his attention on this other item, instead.) The mattress is of primary importance: a man should have a mattress that is soft and inviting. It is absolutely essential that it be devoid of any bumps or lumps: if a woman is going to be lying on her back with a man on top of her, the last thing she wants is to feel something poking her back, posterior or legs.

Pads are an option.

Some men prefer hard, firm mattresses, which may not provide the desired comfort for sexual activity. One solution to this problem is to purchase padded mattress pads which can significantly soften the mattress experience. In these situations, it's important to remember to put the pad in place before the date begins for the sake of time and convenience.


It goes without saying that cleanliness is essential. Wash sheets before any anticipated coupling activities. Even if no coupling is expected, it's best to change sheets at least weekly, in the event of a spur-of-the-moment opportunity for sex.

As with mattresses, softness is also a consideration with sheets. High thread count sheets tend to be softer. Be cautious when using sheets made of something other than traditional cotton; while some women find satin or flannel sheets inviting, others may find satin too slippery and flannel too warm; and synthetic fabrics can cause skin reactions in sensitive individuals.


Again, softness counts for a lot in pillows, as does having an adequate number. For example, some occasions may call for sliding a pillow underneath the partner's posterior to achieve specific angling during sexual activity. It is unlikely that the partner will then want to have that pillow near her head when the activity is finished.

Don't ignore the rest of the room.

Keep the bedroom clean and tidy; in addition to removing dirt and dust, don't leave clothes lying on the floor or clutter all around the room. If a man keeps pets, he should keep them out of the bedroom to prevent accumulation of hair (which is especially important if a partner has an allergy to animals). Lighting should be adjustable so that it can be appropriately soft and mood-enhancing.

And pay attention to decoration: Is that picture hanging opposite the bed something that is going to have an effect (positive or negative) on a romantic situation? Should that picture of your mother and father (or ex) be moved off the bureau and into another room?

Making the setting appropriate can lead to better sex for both the man and for his partner; maintaining a healthy penis is also essential, and a first class penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) is key to achieving that goal. Look for a cream that includes vitamin A, which can fight penis odor (a mood killer if ever there was one). In addition, the best creams include an effective antioxidant, such as alpha lipoic acid, which helps reduce premature penis cell aging, not to mention neuroprotective amino acids like acetyl L carnitine.