Couples usually exchange only a few words during sex, and most of the time, the sounds that are uttered do not mean much, beyond expressions of appreciation or pleasure. But sometimes, couples need to do more than simply grunt at one another. In many cases, they may need to get into more detailed discussion about sex-related issues. Bringing up this topic can be hard, especially if the talk is prompted by a penis care concern, but words of wisdom from a guy who's been there could help men to resolve these problems for better sex going forward.

Choose the Right Location

It's tempting to talk about sex in the bedroom, as this is the place where the action tends to happen. But according to this man, sexy places just aren't right for a conversation like this. "When I tried to talk about sex issues in the bedroom, my partner ended up feeling really attacked, and then I had trouble initiating sex with her there in the future," he says. "I want the bedroom to be a safe place for her, where she can really let go, so that means I just can't talk about heavy stuff in there."

Instead of initiating the discussion in the bedroom, this man recommends a more neutral location, such as the kitchen, the quiet corner of a coffee shop, the backyard - even the car. "The idea is to find an open space in which you can talk freely, without your partner worrying that you're going to move right from talking about it to doing it," he says.

Using the Right Words

This man needed to discuss sex with his partner due to health concerns that developed after sex. It was an understandably touchy subject. "My partner likes it rough, so she always asked me to skip the lube and go at things harder," he mentions. "That all feels great, but when the sex was done, I was so incredibly sore and chapped. Sometimes, I was even bleeding when it was through. I knew I had to say something about it, as this kind of thing just isn't good for my body."

But this man knew that using blaming words would shut the conversation down before it began. He even worried that talking about the problem would make his partner stop having sex with him at all. "I worked a lot on my opening statement," he explains. "I wanted to let her know that I loved her, and I loved having sex with her, but that I just wanted a few things to change. That's a super hard message to get across, so I practiced in the mirror over and over until I felt I had the words down right."

The man also worked hard to ensure that all of his statements began with the word "I."

"I read that people become defensive when they hear sentences that start with 'You always.' It would be easy for me to use that phrase about our sex life, so I worked and worked on practicing my speech until I got rid of that quirk," he says.

How it Went

The man reports that his conversation was a little awkward, but he's glad he spoke up for the health of his Johnson. "My partner still felt a little attacked, I think, and she really didn't want to talk about this," the man says. "But I kept reminding her that I love her and that I want things between us to be better, and that I want my penis to be healthy, too. In time, we came up with some good solutions."

Talking about damaging sex could be easier for men who follow these tips, but they'll likely need to augment those talks with some intensive penis care. A penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can help. Quality products contain the vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants that are needed for health and healing, and that could allow a man to enjoy better sex with less concern about incurring damage to the sensitive penile tissue.