Every guy wants to possess a member of impressive dimensions, convinced that bigger means better sex. In fact, the amount of equipment a guy packs is far less important than the amount of confidence he has. Fortunately, there are things a man can do, including ensuring proper penis health, that can positively impact his confidence levels.

Confidence is key.

Having a proper level of self-confidence is essential in all areas of life, not just in the bedroom. But it's especially helpful when hitting the sack with a partner.

While there are certainly many physical causes of erectile dysfunction (ED), it's also true that ED can be "all in the head." A man often has issues maintaining an erection due to lack of confidence. Other common "bedroom problems" may also have a basis in confidence deficiency.

Even before one hits the sheets, confidence can play a role in a man's hooking up with a partner. Unless two people meet at a nudist party or unless the man is wearing particularly revealing clothing, a woman can’t assess a potential partner on the basis of his penis size. She initially responds to the vibes he gives off. One of the most common positive vibes is confidence. The man who is comfortable with himself is more likely to make a potential partner feel comfortable around him.

Building confidence

Okay, so a guy needs to be confident. How does he attain this goal?

Some guys are born confident or are brought up in an environment that makes self-confidence more natural to them. Others have to take steps to strengthen their confidence. Here are a few tips in that area.

Get out of a negative situation . Sometimes a person is involved with friends or colleagues who create a feeling of negativity. This can be "general" negativity or it can be negativity directed at this one specific person. Neither one is good for helping a man build up his confidence. If a man finds himself surrounded by negativity, he needs to find a way to remove himself from the situation as fully as possible.

Talk back to personal negativity. Frequently it's not other people but oneself that sabotages his own confidence. Internal voices tell a person, "You can't do that," or, "You'll make a fool of yourself if you try to talk to her." When these voices pop up, a man needs to train himself to talk back to them. Phrases like, "Who are you to tell me what to do?" or "I'm perfectly capable of doing this," need to be thrown back at those negative voices.

Practice positivity. For many people, practicing positive affirmations is very helpful. Telling oneself simple truths over and over, such as, "I am a handsome man," or, "I have many great qualities to bring to another person," can help one to more willingly believe these statements. These affirmations can be said out loud or merely thought, but the important thing is to practice them every day for at least ten minutes.

With confidence, a guy can find a path to better sex. One other step for feeling confident is for a man to know that his tool looks good. Regularly using a superior penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can help maintain the health of the tool, and make a guy feel more confident. For example, a guy whose tool has a persistent odor despite regular washing needs a crème with vitamin A, the anti-bacterial properties of which attack that odor at its root. If dry or flaky penis skin plagues a man, a crème with natural moisturizers can help to keep the manhood hydrated and smooth out minor skin issues. When a man is proud of his tool's appearance, his confidence is boosted that much more.