No man has ever really regretted getting a sore penis because he's had too much sex; if anything, complaining about a tired tool is just another way of letting other men know what a Casanova a guy is. If a man wants to have more and better sex, he needs to get fit. Certainly proper penis health is crucial, but so are the following exercises for men.

To be a hit in bed, hit the gym!


A word of caution, of course. Before embarking on any new exercise plan, it's good to check with one's doctor to make sure there are no health issues that contraindicate any of these exercises.

Work those arms.

Upper body strength is crucial for many sex positions, including the ever-popular missionary. The sturdier and steadier a guy's arms and torso, the longer he is able to maintain the position. (Not to mention the fact that many women love to see a guy's well-defined biceps when he is hovering on top of her.)

Regular, old-fashioned push-ups are excellent for working the arms. Doing 3 sets of 10 reps daily can help firm things up for those who have let the arms go a bit. Those who are already in fairly good shape can add more reps or move on to one-handed push-ups for a greater challenge.

Curling with dumbbells is also a fine way to get the arms in shape. Whether seated or standing, however, it's important for a man to remember that this exercise can sometimes put strain on the back, so proper form is important.

Bench pressing weights is also a good way to get definition in the arms. Take care not to attempt too much too quickly, however. Those with experience may want to move beyond just flat bench presses to press on an incline or decline.

Go for the core.

The area between the bottom of the pelvis and the ribs is commonly thought of as the core. Since a great deal of a man's sexual activity involves thrusting the pelvis, keeping a strong core is liable to help a man improve his thrust.

Planks are an excellent exercise for tightening the core. To execute a plank, a man gets on the floor, supporting his upper weight on his forearms and his leg weight on his toes. He needs to have his back straight, so that most of his body is resting several inches above the floor. By squeezing and tensing his stomach muscles, he maintains the position for as long as he can. This can be a very challenging position, but it adds substantial strength that is beneficial during intercourse.

Keep the back fit.

Especially in man-on-top positions, back flexibility can be key. This is an area where a little yoga can come in handy. The man should lie on his stomach on the floor, his legs out straight behind him and his arms bent by his side, palms on the floor. He then raises his back, shoulders and head up while straightening his arms, bending his back in the form of a cobra, and holding it for 5 breaths. This should be repeated several times a day.

There are many other exercises a man can do to keep his body fit for the bedroom, but these serve as a good starting point. For even better sex, a guy should be using a first-rate penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) regularly. A cream that contains a combination of Shea butter and vitamin E will help alleviate the eventual soreness, but a man should make sure it also contains L-arginine. This potent ingredient is a boon to the production of nitric oxide, which in turns plays a major role in promoting a healthier flow of blood to the organ - and a busy organ needs that blood!