No matter how good a man's love life may be, he's always up for better sex; when it comes to sensual satisfaction, the sky's the limit! There are numerous sex tips a couple can use, but one area that they may want to consider exploring is that of sensory control. Unlike some exploratory sexual practices, such as BDM, a man doesn't need to worry about how this might affect his penis health; it's more a matter of isolating sensory experiences during sexual contact.

Going beyond touch

Because sex is so often focused on physical sensation and stimulation, the sense that is most often associated with the activity is that of touch. While there's no denying that touch plays a vital role in sex, spending some time focusing on the other senses can add a new level to the experience.

One interesting way to incorporate sensory control into one's lovemaking is to isolate and then "eliminate" one of the senses. With one of the senses temporarily "deadened," the other senses may become more heightened. The novelty of engaging in sex with one of the senses controlled can transform the experience.

Here are a few tips for achieving this form of sensory control.

- Use a blindfold. Although there are other ways of de-emphasizing sight, such as closing one's eyes, turning off all the lights or using a sleep mask, a blindfold may be more fun for many couples. Its use carries with it a kind of erotic thrill.

- Incorporate earplugs. Some couples explore sex without sound by seeing what it's like if neither partner can talk, sigh, moan, grunt, etc., and there is validity to this approach; however, there still will be environmental sounds, such as bedsprings squeaking or a dog barking. Using earplugs may not block out 100% of the sound, but it can help.

- Avoid lip or tongue contact. While one wouldn't want to banish kissing permanently from one's coupling, it's interesting to occasionally engage in sex with no "tasting" of the other partner's lips, skin, tongue, breasts, privates, etc.

Alternatively, rather than banishing senses, it can be beneficial to concentrate on heightening one of them. There are many ways in which this can be accomplished, and partners shouldn't be afraid to let their imaginations roam free when coming up with new things to try.

To help get started, here are a few options one might consider:

- Lighting makes a difference. Shake things up by altering one's usual lighting patterns in bed. If a couple most often gets intimate in dim light, try keeping all of the lights on. Alternatively, those who copulate in bright light can explore how candlelit sex makes them feel. Buying some red light bulbs to stick into the lamps during sex can definitely alter the experience. A black light or strobe light experience can be especially interesting - although many are too sensitive to the strobe light for this to be an option.

- Get scented. Incorporate incense, patchouli, aromatic candles, etc. into one's experience. Although certain scents, such as vanilla, are said to be aphrodisiacal, each person is unique; partners should find out what special scents work best for them.

- Try new sounds. Many couples have special mood music, but sometimes natural sounds - recordings of gentle rain, a waterfall, soft breezes blowing through trees - can add a new level of sensuality. One can also go in the opposite direction and try out recordings that capture the lovemaking sounds of other couples.

- Get a taste for it. Letting one's lover lick sugar, spice or another favorite flavor off of one's body can be highly erotic for both partners.

Sensory control and exploration is one route to better sex. It is also a good idea for men to regularly use a top-drawer penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). Unwanted penis odor is definitely in need of sensory control, so a crème with vitamin A, which fights odor-causing bacteria, can help. Dry, flaky skin can also be a sensory turn-off, so applying a crème with moisturizers like Shea butter and vitamin E will keep the tool hydrated and healthy.