In recent years, yoga has become an increasingly familiar activity for many men and woman in the west. It’s an excellent way to relieve stress and stay in shape - and can also lead to better sex for many participants. Combining a yoga routine with regular, sensible penis care is a good way to keep the body fit and in shape for activities both sexual and non-sexual.

The connection

How might yoga provide a pathway to better sex? There are a number of ways, actually. First, yoga is simply good exercise and the more fit a man is in general, the more likely he is to be performing optimally in bed. In addition, yoga is an ideal way to help manage the stress in a person’s life. The various poses and techniques involved in yoga aim at centering a person and releasing tension. When stress and tension are low, it’s much easier for a man to feel properly attuned to his sexual impulses.

But there’s still more. The activity involved in yoga is good for increasing blood flow, including blood flow to the penis; this promotes healthy erectile function. Also, one of the core components of yoga is proper breathing. The yoga breathing techniques have been shown to release chemicals that are also engaged when one’s sex drive is heightened.

Finally, long-term yoga practice is also associated with boosted levels of testosterone. So guys interested in better sex, get out those yoga mats!


Regular participation in yoga classes is the best way to gain benefits; however, there are also some "quick fix" techniques that a man may want to use to supplement the classes. Engaging in these activities shortly before sex may prepare the body in a more felicitous manner for the upcoming activity.

- Breathing. As mentioned above, proper breathing can have a salutary effect on a guy. Oxygenation is important for sexual performance, so the more efficiently one breathes, the better. After spending a few moments doing regular deep breathing, try moving on to fast breathing. Inhale deeply through the mouth, then exhale through the nose; however, don’t exhale in one long sustained breath but in a series of short, sharp ones. Do this by contracting the diaphragm as exhaling. Many men find this method increases their sexual energy.

- Chair pose. Start in a standing position with feet shoulder-width apart and arms raised. Lean forward at a 45 degree angle. Bend the knees as if sitting in a chair. Tuck the tailbone in and sit a little lower. Hold the pose, then release and return to standing. This pose exercises the pelvis in a manner similar to doing kegels.

- Cobra pose. Lie face down on the floor. Place hands flat on the floor beside the ribs, then use back and stomach muscles to raise the upper body, pressing the pelvis down into the floor. The cobra helps to provide a stretch to the genitals while pumping blood to the area and increasing circulation to the penis.

Practicing yoga is part of a comprehensive plan for better sex and health. Help to boost the overall health of the manhood through the regular application of a first-class penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). Yoga helps with blood flow to the penis, and a crème that includes L-arginine can provide even more assistance in this area. L-arginine is an ingredient that boosts the production of nitric oxide, which in turn helps to keep penile blood vessels open and receptive to increased blood flow. In addition, a crème that contains vitamin C is essential. This vitamin also boosts circulation and is key for collagen production. Using Man1 Man Oil helps to complement the health gains from regular yoga practice.