As they say in real estate, location is everything - and that can also apply to those in search of even better sex than they already enjoy. While other factors, such as maintaining proper penis health, are certainly important, it’s also true that where one decides to have sex can have an impact on the excitement one feels during the act of sexual congress.

Naturally, the bedroom is a perfectly lovely place in which to engage in carnal knowledge. There’s nothing quite like a good, comfortable bed for vigorous lovemaking. Yet sometimes a couple feels like trying someplace new.

Be homey.

Sometimes "someplace new" can just mean leaving the bedroom. A tryst on the living room sofa, getting horizontal on the kitchen table or monkeying around on the playroom billiard table can add just the touch of zest that a couple needs to spice up their love life.

But why stop at sex on your own home turf? Many players find that tackling sex on more unfamiliar ground can make the game that much more interesting.

Pitch a tent in a tent.

Camping allows one to experience sex in the great outdoors without getting arrested for it. Once a man has pitched a tent for sleeping in, he can attend to the tent that he has pitched in his trousers.

Camping sex can be especially invigorating. The fresh air adds a robust feel to the proceedings, and often both partners find themselves turned on to a degree they haven’t felt in a long time. And without noisy bedsprings, one can be enthusiastic in one’s thrusting without worrying about the sound - be prepared, though, to stifle some amazing moans along the way.

Rock the boat.

Whether on a yacht in the seven seas or a more modest boat on a quiet mountain lake, sex on the water is sensational. The rocking of the waves compliments the waves the couple makes on their own; matching one’s own lovemaking rhythms with that of the body of water on which the couple floats can be almost tantric in its ability to create new sensations.

Back in the backseat.

Once a man has his own place, sex in the backseat of the car often becomes a distant memory. But reliving that memory can make for better sex escapades for a couple looking for something new. Sure, it’s cramped, but the heat that gets generated when wearing out the automobile upholstery and stripping one’s gears is hard to match.

Scintillate in the sauna.

If a man has access to a private sauna, he needs to make plans to release his own personal steam in it as soon as possible. Sex in a public sauna carries a huge risk factor, but a private sauna allows a man and woman to caress naked in the room as the sweat beads down their bodies - and then to use each other’s bodies to wipe that sweat away. The intense heat of the sauna elevates sexuality to a new high - but it also means that quickies are a better bet than long, lingering sex. And, of course, plenty of water is key.

A new location provides an entry to better sex possibilities for those in search of something new. In order to take maximum advantage of these opportunities, a man needs to keep his tool in good health. Regular use of a high-quality penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) is ideal for that purpose. The wise man chooses a cream that includes L-arginine; this ingredient helps in the production of nitric oxide, which is crucial for keeping penile and other blood vessels open and flowing. In addition, the best cream will also include vitamin B5, which is essential for life sustenance and healthy penile function, as it significantly aids penis cell metabolism.