When talking about penis size problems, most people assume that the issue is that the penis in question is on the small side. As a matter of fact, most men would refuse to believe that someone with a big penis size could actually have a problem. But the truth is that, while there can be some advantages to having a big penis, there can also be potential disadvantages. When by "big" we mean "long," one potential issue can be depth of penetration. When there’s an overflow of length, it can in some instances cause painful penetration.

What is long?

Any serious discussion of penis size has to start with a definition of what is meant by normal penis size. For years, six inches was considered the average penis length. But in recent years, various surveys have indicated that that six inches may have been a little over-optimistic.

Understanding that penis size in this instance is dealing with the penis in an erect state (rather than in a flaccid one), a pretty reliable 2015 survey (encompassing more than 15,000 penises around the world) found that instead of six inches, the average male penis really measures only 5.16 inches. (Girth, for what is worth, averages out at 4.6 inches.)

Technically, anything over 5.16 inches long could be considered "big" therefore. Traditionally, however, when a man has been said to have a big penis, it usually has referred to one of 7" or more in length. (By one survey, as many as 9% of men would fall into that category - although less than 1% would have a penis size measuring 8" or more.)

The vagina

What about women? When not aroused, the length from the opening to the cervix is usually three to four inches; this can expand, however, during sexual arousal. But a man with a very long penis may still not be able to fit all of his manhood into some vaginas. And when this is the case, penetration can cause pain to the female partner.

What to do

Ideally, a man with a big penis size will be aware of this potential problem and try to avoid thrusting too deeply. But in the throes of passion, this may not always be possible. But there are a few strategies that can be employed to prevent too-deep penetration in these cases.

- Use a ring. Sometimes wearing a simple pen is ring may be enough to avoid painful penetration. Although the ring is usually only a half-inch or so, that may be enough to keep the penis from over-reaching. If not, jelly rings or donuts - which are thicker and are used on penis pump cylinder openings - may do the trick.

- Find a good position. Experiment with different positions until one is found which allows the woman control over depth of penetration. For most people, this means something other than missionary or other man-on-top positions. For many couples, positions which enable them to be side-by-side, rather than on top/on bottom, can allow for greater control. The same is often true for woman-on-top positions like the cowgirl.

- Keep the pants on. Sometimes if the male stays dressed and lets the penis protrude from the fly, it creates sufficient distance to help avoid painful penetration. However, there then is the problem of fabric (and zippers) rubbing against the vagina, which can be uncomfortable.

Men with any penis size want to make sure that they are aware of any painful penetration problems and take steps to prevent them. They also need to make sure their equipment looks its best upon presentation, which requires using a superior penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). The best cremes will include vitamin C, which is an important component of collagen, a tissue in the body that gives skin its tone and elasticity and is vital for erections. The crème should also include a powerful antioxidant like alpha lipoic acid, which helps protect penis skin and tissue from damage due to oxidative stress.