Men with a small penis - or even an average-sized penis - may not want to hear this, but even guys with a bigger penis size can sometimes use some pointers in the bedroom. Being blessed with a large endowment doesn’t always translate to worry-free nights in the bedroom. For one thing, penis size doesn’t really affect penis care, so guys with a big penis don’t get a break on basic care issues. So for guys who are packing more in the penis size department (or for the women who are in bed with them), the following tips may be of use.

- Make foreplay your play. Especially early on in a relationship, a woman who is encountering an extra-large penis may have concerns about whether she can accommodate so much manliness. In fact, it would be very rare for a man’s penis to be of such immensity that a vagina could not receive it - however, whether it can receive it comfortably is another question. That’s why foreplay is of such enormous importance for a manhood of enormous proportions. (In fact, it’s usually of tremendous importance even to men of more modest means.) Taking plenty of time with oral and manual stimulation is crucial, and so is paying attention to sensitive areas beyond the vagina.

- Time her orgasm. One thing to consider and discuss with a partner: would it be preferable for the woman to achieve an orgasm before penetration? The reasoning behind this is that most women’s vaginas are at their most relaxed and receptive post-orgasm, so initial insertion may be more easily achieved. Will she have a second orgasm? Possibly, but that is by no means a sure thing. The partners should communicate; if a second orgasm is not likely, the male may wish to refrain from prolonging to avoid causing soreness in the vagina.

- Ejaculate first. Sometimes it helps for the woman to masturbate or orally please the male to ejaculation and then try for an insertion. Many men can achieve a second erection (which is generally softer than the first) - and sometimes even without a second full erection, there can be enough hardness for a pleasurable experience.

- Lube, lube, lube. Yes, men and women do create natural lubricants, but when dealing with a penis of impressive size, some assistance may be needed. Do not skimp here.

- Work up to it. Rather than attempt penetration on the first night, suggest working up to it. Spend a few nights using a dildo (or several, in a variety of sizes) to help her prepare for the real thing.

- Get positioned. Until a man is actually in bed with another person, it’s difficult to know what position works best - but in general, missionary and doggy are not thought to be the best positions for big penis size sex. Many tips look at woman-on-top positions, as the woman generally has greater control. But it may take several attempts to find the position that works best.

- Listen to her. The most important tip of all: the male should pay attention to what she tells him so that he can stop if something is painful, change positions if necessary, continue with a new angle, etc.

The last of these tips is for men of any penis size: keep the organ in good health and use a first rate penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) to help achieve this goal. The best crème will include alpha lipoic acid, a potent antioxidant that fights free radicals and the oxidative stress they cause. The crème should also include L-carnitine, a neuroprotective ingredient that helps prevent loss of sensation from too much rough and aggressive handling of the penis.