When it comes to love and relationships, it is no secret that men and women communicate very differently. Sadly, these differences can lead to miscommunication and fighting, not to mention decreased sexual performance caused by conflict. In order to make sure the physical aspect of sex stays on track, it is important to maintain daily penis care, so it is ready to get up and running whenever she says "yes."

Below are some common relationship snafus and how to decode what the true meaning is behind what one’s partner is saying.

1. When having a conversation - whether serious in nature or just joking around - each sex has a different way of communicating to the other that they are listening and following along with the topic at hand.

He says: Nothing at all. Much to a woman’s frustration, men are less likely to comment or assure you they are listening. In fact, they may even seem to tune out of the conversation completely and tune into the television. They still may be listening, though, despite outward appearances.

She says: "Uh-huh" or "go on" as a way of expressing to her partner that she is, in fact, hanging on his every word. Women tend to be more communicative in general and may expect these same types of utterances from their partners when they are talking.

2. When expressing "the L-word" to their partners, men may come up shy - literally -- both in terms of frequency of saying it and how they say it.

He says: He may say the "L-word" reluctantly, or dole out something equally unsentimental like "yup" after his partner says it first. Men tend to find other ways of expressing their feelings such as putting gas in her car or fixing things around the house, while most women have no problem saying the "L-word" again, and again and again. Best for a man to try to even the score a bit; however, so she doesn’t feel the relationship is one-sided.

She says: Those three magic words every day, all day long. Most - but not all - women are much more free-flowing with their affection, and a woman may adapt all sorts of pet names for her man to constantly remind him of her undying love for him.

3. Men tend to be more direct when it comes to communication patterns, while women may beat around the bush or drop subtle hints that she hopes he will pick up on. For example, when discussing an upcoming anniversary or birthday:

He says: " Some new golf clubs would be a nice anniversary gift." Direct, and to the point.

She says: "Roses are such romantic flowers" or "it has been ages since we got away for the weekend" hinting around for a surprise getaway, of course, complete with romantic roses. Though the signals may be loud and clear to her, it is entirely possible for her partner to miss these cues altogether leading him to purchase unromantic flowers and plan a weekend in. Unfortunately, because she feels she asked for what she wanted, she may be disappointed by this turn of events.

4. When it comes to sexual acts, both sexes have performance anxiety and may have difficulty asking for what they want. This lack of communication can lead to reduced sexual performance and even lack of satisfaction on both sides.

He’s thinking: Many different anxieties can run through a man’s head, including thoughts of: his body, the size of his love stick, his stamina, whether or not she is enjoying herself, not finishing too quickly, comparing himself to her previous partners, etc. This performance anxiety may be more common in the early stages of a relationship, but can continue even in a long-term situation.

She’s thinking: Women have performance anxieties as well, but they may also have trouble "letting go of the moment." Their thoughts may include: body anxiety, comparing herself to his previous partners, breast size, is she pleasing her partner, did she pay the bills, are the kids ok, is that work deadline tomorrow or the next day, etc. Women, who are known multi-taskers, tend to have more difficulty disengaging their brains from the daily grind, which is why foreplay may be more important for them, as it gives the body and mind time to warm up.

Priming the Penis for Sex

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