Spring is on its way, and that means warmer weather, more sunshine, flowers beginning to blossom, and - uh-oh - spring allergies. Allergies can be a royal pain in posterior, what with the sneezing, the red, runny nose, the watery eyes, and the itching. But at least allergies aren’t something that can affect a guy’s prized penis health, right? Actually, and surprisingly, for some men, allergies can have a dampening effect on their otherwise proudly erect penis.

The allergies themselves

Clearly, the symptoms associated with spring allergies don’t have much of a direct impact on a man’s erect penis. Yet there can be some associations. For example, a sneezing fit can weaken the hardness of an erection, sometimes to the point of the penis becoming flaccid again. Similarly, distractions - sneezing, itching, etc. - can cause a man to lose focus during sex, which can also have some small effect on his erection.

More likely, however, an erect penis could be affected by the overall fatigue that can accompany allergies. When a man cannot sleep well, that tiredness doesn’t just manifest itself in falling asleep at work; it can weaken his libido as well.

Treatment takes its toll

But while allergies themselves can be a problem, a man is actually more likely to find his erect penis softening due to treatments he takes for his allergies.

Take antihistamines, for example. This medication is one of the most commonly recommended for the 50 million or so Americans who suffer from allergies. And they are a lifesaver for many, opening up a direct line to the central nervous system and sending it messages that help it avoid the stimuli that lead to coughing and sneezing.

The problem is that that same message leads to a general drowsiness in the body and mind - and that makes a guy feel less "in the mood’ than he would when wide awake and alert. Also, by telling the central nervous system to avoid coughing stimuli, it also tells it to avoid other stimuli, such as those that make a man feel aroused.

That’s not to say that a guy can’t get an erect penis while taking antihistamines - but it does mean his body has to put up more of a fight to make it happen.


To complicate matters, antihistamines often are taken in conjunction with a drug known as pseudoephedrine. And this drug - which again, is very helpful with allergies - does its job by causing blood vessels to narrow.

But guess what? Narrow blood vessels are one of the worst enemies of an erect penis. The penis wants its blood vessels to expand and open when an erection is desired; that’s what helps the penis fill up with blood, enabling it to expand and harden.

So the very medications that help a guy contend with his allergies make him less of a contender for an erect penis experience. If this becomes a big issue, a man might want to talk to his doctor to see if there are other alternatives that he can use.

Allergies may have less impact on an erect penis if it is in prime health already. One way to help maintain penis health is via the regular application of a top flight penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) . For the best results, select a crème that contains both L-arginine and L-carnitine. An amino acid, L-arginine helps the body produce nitric oxide, which in turns helps penile blood vessels open and expand, facilitating the needed flow of blood to the organ. And L-carnitine has neuroprotective properties, which are very beneficial if a man is experiencing loss of sensation in his penis due to rough handling of the equipment.