Things just don’t feel the way they used to - sex is starting to seem less like a fun way to spend some quality time and more like a chore, and even masturbating is only mildly exciting. While this happens to a lot of guys - almost all of them, in fact - it is not necessarily a sign that real sexual pleasure is a thing of the past.

The problem is that most men have a tendency to get into a routine. They know what feels good, they know how to please their partner, and it seems natural to do things pretty much the same way every time. But the same old routine can turn boring, and lack of imagination and the same sensations time after time can eventually lead to loss of enjoyment. Even physical loss of penis sensation can occur if an effort is not made to mix things up. Sex therapists and even doctors often recommend the kama sutra for stirring up a stagnating sex life, using these ancient secrets, as well as a mixture of penis-specific vitamins and minerals, to stimulate the senses and open up a whole new range of pleasure.

What is the kama sutra, anyway?
It is often believed that the kama sutra is some sort of New Age, get-in-touch-with-the-spiritual-side kind of trick, and some men have a hard time believing that a text that is over 2,000 years old can tell them anything they don’t already know about sex.

But the truth is that the positions in the kama sutra have been used for centuries for good reason. These positions create a sensual experience that can’t be duplicated by a quick grind or a few minutes in the bathroom with a sexy publication or tablet, creating new pressures and new sensations that cannot be experienced in any other way.

How can the kama sutra increase the experience of sexual pleasure?
There are two basic reasons that the kama sutra actually works. First of all, the physical side. The skin of the penis, like the skin covering the rest of the body, is subject to all kinds of friction, from rough clothing to rough masturbation to rough sex. Over time, all of this harsh treatment can create a thickened outer layer of dermal tissue, the body’s natural response to cell damage. Masturbating or having sex in more or less the same way every time can lead to a callused layer of skin that is less able to respond to sexual stimulation. Therefore, by using the unique positions found in the kama sutra, men can stimulate different areas of the erogenous skin.

Second, the mental side. A large portion of the sexual pleasure experienced by both men and women comes from the brain - people have a huge capacity to visualize what is stimulating, which adds a tremendous amount of excitement to sexual activity. By creating a dedicated time and space just for experimenting with the kama sutra, sex becomes an experience, rather than just an act, and the pleasure becomes infinitely greater.

The Nirvana
This kama sutra position is ideal for men who lack optimum penis sensitivity. In the Nirvana position, the woman lies on her back, with her arms extended over her head. Her thighs are pressed together, while the man straddles her and penetrates her from this position. This technique is great for both men and women, as it stimulates the clitoris while also exerting gentle pressure on all sides of the penis.

Vitamins and minerals for increased penis sensation
Treating the penis skin with vitamins and minerals that improve skin tone and moisture and increase nerve receptivity is suggested for men who want to revive their penis sensation. A specially designed penis health formula (most health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) containing ingredients such as vitamins A, B5, C, D, and E, as well as antioxidants and natural moisturizers, may increase the suppleness and elasticity of the penis skin, as well as rejuvenating damaged nerve tissue. Having a partner apply a penis crème as part of foreplay can add another sensual dimension to the practice of kama sutra and take the experience of sex to a new level.