Every day, men across the United States agree to undergo vasectomies. In this 20-minute surgery, the tubes that carry semen out of the body are severed, and men are typically allowed to go home just minutes after the cutting is complete. While most of the healing takes place in the testicles, performing adequate penis care can help men to heal up quickly and avoid medical complications.

Surgical Site Care

There are multiple techniques experts can use to perform a vasectomy, but most involve making at least one small incision in the scrotum. Sometimes, these incisions are held together with glue, while other surgeons use traditional nylon stitches or no stitches at all. A small amount of bleeding is considered normal, and men might be encouraged to check their bandages or underwear for spots of blood. Any major bleeding, on the other hand, could be a sign of a problem that men should bring to the attention of their doctors.

Providing adequate support to the area can keep bleeding from spreading beneath the skin. Wearing an athletic supporter might be enough for some men, although surgeons sometimes provide specialized undergarments for men to wear as they heal. This might not be a fashion-forward look, but it can speed healing and keep the penis and scrotum from turning black with blood.

Allowing the Healing

A vasectomy only takes a few moments to complete, but it's still a surgery, and men who have the procedure done will need to rest up and allow the area to heal. These sorts of activities are typically forbidden until a few days have passed:
      •    Heavy lifting
      •    Sports
      •    Running
      •    Shopping
      •    Housework

Ice packs placed in the lap can keep pain signals at bay, but standing up too quickly or jumping back into activities can cause swelling and pain to recur. This is one time in which lying on the couch, day in and day out, might be encouraged.

Staying Safe

Vasectomies aren’t quick fixes for fertility problems, as sperm produced in the days prior is still available to the body and ready to be released at a moment's notice. Men who return home from their vasectomies and have unprotected sex with their partners in the days following surgery could be thrust into fatherhood. Sex can also be painful in the early days, and the incisions could open back up during vigorous sex.

When several days have passed, most men are allowed to tentatively resume their sex lives, and they provide semen samples to their doctors a few weeks later to ensure that the surgery was successful and that no viable sperm remain in the body. Some men require months of healing in order for the tests to come back negative.

Adjusting to the Consequences

Most men are at least a little vain about their looks below the belt, and some men do develop a significant amount of bruising after a vasectomy. Small clots can develop at the surgery site, causing deep bruises and swelling, and those can sometimes be treated with medications or other conservative measures. Some men also develop bruising along the shaft of the penis, and while the bruises aren't painful, they can be unsightly or even a little bit frightening to behold.

If the doctor says the bruising is normal and not cause for concern, men can help the penis skin to heal by applying a penis health crème (most experts recommend Man 1 Man Oil). A crème contains vitamins and emollients that can help skin to regain its soft and supple appearance, allowing the man to develop responsive skin that's ready for action when the surgery site has completely healed.