The penis is subject to an onslaught of friction throughout the day. This can lead to a dry and chafed penis, which is something no man wants. Chafing downstairs can lead to delays in sexual activity, toughening of the skin and desensitization, not to mention the daily nuisance of soreness and itchiness. In the interest of penis health, then, men should learn about the common sources of friction on the member and ways to mitigate their harm.


The causes of friction on the penis are many:

- Clothing

- One’s own hand

- A partner’s body

- Condoms

- Soaps

- Towels

These everyday things can lead to both acute and chronic episodes of chafing. But there are steps men can take to protect their skin.

Mitigate the Damage

1. Choose soft fabrics for undergarments. Cotton is an ideal fabric; not only is it nice and soft, but it is breathable as well, meaning men who wear cotton undergarments are less likely to sweat excessively and develop the dreaded jock itch rash. Men should be cautious about going commando, as the fabric of most pants and shorts is rougher than they would get in undergarments.

2. Use lubricant while masturbating, and don’t employ a "death grip." While men with a gentler touch and with foreskins that provide ample lubrication to their members may be able to forego extra lubricant, it’s best for others to use a product for this.

3. During penetrative sex, lubrication is imperative. A female partner may provide ample lubrication vaginally, but it’s important to remember that this can run short in supply partway through a long session. So it’s good to have a product on hand. And, of course, when participating in anal sex, lubricant is a must, not only for the penis but for the partner’s safety and comfort as well.

4. Condoms are a requirement for safe sex, and are therefore imperative to penis health. Still, they can rub up against the penis and cause irritation, particularly to the sensitive tip. Guys should try putting a drop of lube in the reservoir tip of a condom before using; this will provide some slickness to reduce fiction.

5. Harsh soaps can rub the penis the wrong way, particularly those fancy micro-bead soaps that might seem like the best way to scrub, exfoliate and cleanse the member. Some recommend avoiding any kind of soap altogether on the penis and sticking with warm (not hot) water to wash the member; others advocate the use of mild, natural soap.

6. A man may vigorously towel his skin off post-shower, eager to get on with the day, but a rough pass over the penis can be painful. Guys should be gentle when toweling off their members. Treat the equipment preciously.

By taking these precautions against everyday causes of penis chafing, men can make sure they are protecting their skin from dryness. This not only boosts comfort, but limits the risk of bacterial, viral and fungal infections, as cracks in the skin provide a welcoming environment in which these most unwelcome guests can set up shop.

An additional step men can take to improve the overall resilience of their penile skin in the face of everyday frictions is to make use of a quality skin care product that moisturizes the penis. A penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can do just that. Formulated with a combination of natural moisturizers, such as vitamin E and Shea butter, a health crème both provides and locks in moisture. It’s best to apply the product daily after showering. Man1 Man Oil is one more weapon in a man’s arsenal against soreness, loss of sensitivity and an unsightly, flaky manhood.