Circumcision is a touchy subject, to be sure, but there are some penis care issues that this surgery can address. These are just a few of the common concerns men cite when they're asked why they'd choose to go under the knife to obtain a circumcised penis.

1) Persistent Odor

The foreskin works a little like a wrapper, protecting the glans (head) of the penis from contact with rough surfaces. But as that glans is nestled inside its shell, it's shedding skin cells and emitting all sorts of fluids, including urine and sweat. Sometimes, all of these fluids and effluvia mix and mash inside the foreskin, creating a smelly stew that's hard to get rid of.

Some men get around this problem by washing daily. But for men with persistent smell-based concerns, surgery can be an efficient way to handle the problem for good.

2) Cosmetic Considerations

In the United States, many men have been cut. Men who haven't had surgery look different, and they might be teased when they spend naked time with their peers. Gyms can be particularly problematic, especially if there are group showers involved.

Problems like this can keep men from getting physical, too, as they might be concerned that their unusual bodies will be laughed at. If this confidence problem grows and grows, men might be willing to have surgery just to make the whole thing stop.

3) Phimosis

The foreskin is designed to slide up and down, but sometimes it can be too tight to move. This medical problem, called phimosis, could make all sorts of things difficult, including:

- Washing up

- Having sex with a partner

- Masturbation

If stretching exercises don't help, having surgery might be the best solution available.

4) Religious Considerations

Men who convert to certain religions, such as Judaism, might find that they're compelled to have surgery in order to comply with the precepts of their faith. It can be a very moving step for men who want to demonstrate their adherence to a cultural and religious tradition.

5) Recurrent Infections

Since the foreskin traps skin cells and fluids, it can also be a home for bacterial cells, including yeast. If left alone, these cells can multiply and grow until a raging infection is merrily moving through a man's pants. These infections can be painful, and they can be hard to treat if a man can't keep things clean. A surgery to remove the wrapper that traps these infectious agents could be a good way to keep the problem under control.

6) Concerns About Sensitivity

While many men who have been cut as babies claim that they can't feel as much as they would have if they'd been able to keep the foreskin intact, some men who are left in a natural state also claim that they can't feel much. The skin might not retract enough to allow the sensitive glans to come into contact with pleasurable agents, or infections might cause inflammation that keeps sensitive cells from working.

Surgery can help some men to improve, but there are other options that might also be beneficial. A penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil), for example, could be remarkably helpful for men who are dealing with sensitivity loss. Emollients in these products keep skin smooth and soft, so it's much more likely to be responsive. Vitamins included in each dose can help support the immune system, so infections can be fought a little easier. And applying the product daily may help remind a man to keep things clean. Products like this could be a good option for uncut men who want to boost sensitivity without dealing with surgery. And men who have already been cut might also enjoy the help a quality product can bring in terms of penis sensitivity.