When it comes to body odor, let’s be realistic; guys are not the fairer sex. And now that summer is finally here, that means even more heat, even more sweat and, of course, even more stink. Obviously, a well-timed shower and a good antiperspirant/deodorant can go a long way toward reducing the stink factor. But what about that funky smell coming from down there? Most guys don’t know it, but the most hygienic guys might not be doing enough with their penis care routine to manage that tell-tale aroma.

What causes penis odor?

There are many reasons a guy might have a smelly Johnson. Obviously, poor hygiene is one of them, but even a guy who showers multiple times a day can end up with a stink factor of 10 if he is not careful. The penis area itself is, simply put, a breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria. The hot, moist area that doesn’t see the light of day - or get a lot of air circulating through the region - is the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. Add extra hot weather, the sun beating down, or a sweaty workout, and the heat and perspiration quantity increase ten-fold, making it the perfect storm to create a wicked odor.

Not only can penis odor make a guy feel self-conscious, it can also bring his love life to a screeching halt. After all, what girl wants to be intimately acquainted with her man’s stinky junk? But rest assured, guys, that doesn’t mean no girl will ever go down there again; it just means it is time to step it up a bit and beat the stink

Stopping odor in its tracks

Nobody wants to bring an offensive odor with him wherever he goes - least of all to the bedroom. Guys hoping to remain fresh should follow this simple list of do’s and don’ts to keep the nether regions smelling clean and fresh. A few simple tweaks of the daily routine will keep the bacteria and the odor away.

- Do shower daily, using a gentle, non-irritating soap on the area.

- Don’t skip showers because it didn’t seem like a "sweaty day." It’s still there - wash it!

- Do gently retract the foreskin and wash thoroughly under it with water - it is a haven for bacteria, and therefore very smelly.

- Don’t skip the foreskin and just leave it for next time.

- Do shower and rinse off after exercising or swimming, especially in a natural body of water. Even if that makes the second, or third shower of the day, certain activities generate more bacteria than others, which ups the stink factor.

- Don’t use colognes, perfumes, deodorant sticks or sprays on the penis - hello burning and possible infection!

- Do keep pubic hair trimmed and short to reduce bacteria and odor.

- Don’t sit around in damp gym shorts or wet swimming trunks, as both cause irritation and generate bacteria and fungal spores (think jock itch).

- Do wear loose, breathable fabrics that allow airflow, especially while working out.

- Don’t wear tight fitting "skinny" jeans that trap heat around the groin area.

- Do shower after sex, every time, ‘nuff said.

- Don’t get an extra day out of laundry by flipping boxers or briefs inside out - that’s gross. Even a poor college guy needs to wash his undies.

- Do use a daily penis vitamin formula (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) containing vitamin A. While most people know this vitamin as a skin care product, it actually has antibacterial properties, as well, meaning that a penis lotion containing vitamin A can actually help eliminate bacteria and the nasty odor it brings with it. It is the perfect anti-stink ingredient for any guy to have in his arsenal. Simply apply after the daily shower and remain fresher all day long.