All sorts of things are better when they're bent, including bananas, boomerangs and rainbows. The curves make these things work. But when it's a penis that bends, that's a slightly different story. In fact, sometimes a curved penis is so serious that a man needs intensive penis care measures in order to restore proper function.

While not all cases of penis bends are serious, these are just a few situations in which men should go and visit their doctors for help.

Sex is Difficult or Impossible

Some bends are so subtle that they're easy to ignore. A man might see the curve when he's looking down, for example, but a partner might not notice anything at all, even when that partner is in close contact with the bent organ.

There are times, however, when bends are so severe that the penis just doesn't work right. The angle of the curve makes penetration almost impossible, and if a man can manage to get inside, he might pop right back out again due to his bend.

This is a serious case of the bends, and thankfully, doctors can be a big help in straightening things out. Surgeries can help to restore the proper penis angle, and sometimes, stretching exercises can bring a man back to his former state of glory. Men who just can't have sex should seek help.

The Curve Causes Pain

Penis bends can sometimes occur due to scar tissue, and when guys with such tools get excited, healthy tissues can tug on those bits of damaged tissue. The pulling sensation that results can be quite painful. Sometimes, it can be so painful that it wakes a man up in the middle of the night.

Anytime a curve causes physical pain, a doctor should get involved. After all, pain is the body's way of notifying the brain that something may be going wrong. Those aren't the sorts of signals that anyone should ignore.

Bruises and Bleeding Come Along, Too

Many forms of penis bends are slow growing. These are the sorts of things that happen over years and years of bad behavior, and often, they don't develop with any other symptoms. A curve just grows slowly, almost by itself.

But sometimes, men can develop dramatic bends in response to something sudden and serious, like:

- A blow to the lap

- Animal bites

- Sudden moves during sex

- A fall

Bruising, bleeding and severe pain might accompany injuries like this, and all of those signals show a man how serious the problem is. These are the sorts of problems that are so serious, in fact, that a man should go right to the emergency room for help. That's the best way to make sure the problem is handled properly so a man can recover.

What Happens Now?

While there are quite a few situations that merit the help of a doctor, many men have bends and curves that aren't serious, but that are still annoying. Thankfully, there are many things they can do at home to make the situation better.

A penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) might be useful here. These products contain emollients that can soften scar tissue, which could help to make a curvy penis just a little bit straighter. The vitamins included in each dose can also provide skin cells with the nutrients they need to knit back together after an injury, and that could be a big help to men who seem compelled to do things that put the penis in peril. A daily dose is easy to apply, and it feels great, too. For men with curves, and those who don't want curves, such as product may be a useful addition to the penis care regimen.