Cybersex is one of the wonders of the modern age for long-distance couples as well as for those who enjoy anonymous sexual encounters. The internet and the proliferation of smartphones have made it possible for disparate people to connect via word, image and video, and the kinky-minded have certainly found sexual ways to make use of these capabilities. For those particularly interested in video chat, there’s great news: There are now sex toys and virtual platforms designed just for this purpose. Since sexual health is imperative for overall wellbeing, it’s important to tap into one’s desires and find safe, engaging ways to fulfill them. For some people, availing themselves of advanced cybersex options will be just the ticket.

Features to Consider

When people are searching for interactive video sex chat options, they should be aware of two important features. One is the type of platform used. Is it secure? Is it made for just two people to access, or is it open to many individuals, as in a social media setting?

Second, what type of toys are involved? Amazing advances in technology have led to the creation of sex toys that are actually interactive, either because they allow one person to control another’s toy with a Bluetooth "remote" function or the toys respond directly to one another’s motions and speeds.


The Kiiroo set for couples contains a "Pearl" dildo for her and an "Onyx" masturbation sleeve for him. The two toys interact with one another via Bluetooth, and the package also contains a video chat platform.

The Onyx contracts to mimic vaginal contractions, and it requires no effort from the man; it contracts in conjunction with the woman’s use of her Pearl, wherever she may be in the world. In this way, long-distance lovers can visibly and physically simulate having sex with one another.

Male-and-female couples can purchase a Kiiroo set at a discounted price of $369.00. The company also offers a package for gay couples, going for $468.00 (the Onyx is pricier than the Pearl). Individual toys can be purchased for a slightly higher price than when purchased as part of a set.

LovePalz Twist

As with Kiiroo, LovePalz Twist is a product line that features him-and-her masturbation toys. Also like Kiiroo, it comes with a virtual platform through which lovers can watch one another. They can also control one another’s toys.

What sets LovePalz apart from Kiiroo is the social media function it incorporates. The LovePalz Club is a place where users can create profiles, connect with other users and have virtual sex sessions with both people they know and total strangers. It’s also nice for those who fear rejection, since one’s "Like" will only be seen by another user if he or she also sends a "Like."

LovePalz Twist is more affordable than the Onyx and Pearl; the women’s Twist goes for $79.00, while the men’s Twist costs $89.00.


When using sex toys, people should make sure to practice proper hygiene and aftercare. Toys should be thoroughly washed with a mild cleanser, dried and stored in a clean place (many come with special storage bags).

Whether using a vibrator or masturbation sleeve, it’s a good idea to use lubricant. This can help prevent friction and tearing of the penile skin and vagina.

Men can take an extra step to protect their skin from chafing, making it all-the-more appealing to the person on the other end of their video chat sessions. Using a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) with natural moisturizers will leave their skin vibrant, soft and smooth - and while their chat partners can’t actually touch their members, men can bet that they will want to.