There are many myths and old wife’s tales concerning penis size in comparison to various body components, including finger length. But a 2011 study looked at this issue and indicated that there may just possibly be some validity to one of these finger-to-manhood connections. Naturally, length is only one concern where the member is concerned - proper penis care being of greater value in the long run - but it’s interesting to look at what these researchers have found through their work in this area.

The study

Andrology is the term given to the study of male health issues, especially sexual ones, so it’s fitting that the study in questioned appeared in The Asian Journal of Andrology. Entitled "Does digit ratio (2D;4D) predict penile length?" the article is concerned not with overall length of a finger but in whether one finger is bigger than another -specifically, whether the index finger (2D) is longer or shorter than the ring finger (4D). (For clarification, the index finger is the finger next to the thumb. The ring finger is the one next to the pinkie.)

What does the finger length comparison have to do with penis size? One old wives’ tale claims that men whose ring finger is longer than their index finger tend to be more abundant in the male member department. The study looks at this assertion, and also at a corresponding assertion that men with shorter index fingers may have shorter penises but may also have more attractive faces.


So is there a basis for these claims? Surprisingly, based on this study, there possibly could be. (Bear in mind, of course, that one study does not necessarily offer proof positive of a hypothesis.) The researchers looked at 144 men over the age of 20. They found that in general those with a longer ring finger compared to the index finger did indeed have a longer penis.

Why might this be? The theory, based on studies in mice, is that the presence of more testosterone in the developing male brings about the increased length of the fourth digit. This is thought to also play a role in penis size for many men. So if the ring finger is longer than the ring finger, this indicates that the man was exposed to greater stores of testosterone while developing and may therefore pack more in the penis department.

The face

What about the claim that a shorter index finger may relate to how attractive a man’s face is? This is based on results from a different 2011 study that found this correlation. The theory again relates to testosterone, with the assumption being that smaller amounts of testosterone tend to create faces that are more generally pleasing. (Again, this is a hypothesis that would need further testing to be accepted as a given.) Therefore, since lower levels of testosterone supposedly affect both facial development and index finger length, a shorter index finger is theorized to be associated with a more attractive face.

While it’s interesting that studies have found some indication of a connection between finger length, penis size and facial appeal, nothing’s as straightforward as it may seem. Even if this correlation is true, there are many other factors which come into play that also influence penis size and beauty.

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