For many men, the sight of a red penis means only good things. A man’s penis is often a natural shade of red, especially when erect, thanks to the copious blood flow that makes it rise to the occasion when necessary. A guy who practices good penis care will quickly discover that a certain shade of red means all is well, and he won’t worry about it for another moment.

But there are some men who look at a red penis and see something much less than good health. For these men, a penis that matches the color of the rest of their body is what they want, and they don’t feel as though they have a handsome penis unless this matching color is achieved. Those men might turn to a variety of ways to tamp down their red penis, including penis bleaching.

What is penis bleaching?

Penis bleaching is what it sounds like: Applying certain products to the penis in order to ‘bleach’ or lessen the appearance of the redder skin tones that are often a natural aspect of a healthy body. Some men will go to a professional service to have the bleaching done, often to the tune of several hundred dollars per session. Some guys choose to save that money and do the bleaching on their own, which can be quite dangerous.

If a man is determined to try his own penis bleaching, there are a few things to remember. First, never use chlorine-based bleach or peroxide-based bleach on the penis, or any other skin area, for that matter. These bleaches are highly potent and designed only for use in controlled ways, such as when cleaning a kitchen floor or working with medical equipment. Using them on the skin can quickly result in chemical burns, which make a red penis the least of a guy’s worries.

If a man is going to try this, he should stick to the most mild of bleaches possible. The most popular of these is lemon juice or lemon juice extract. The acidic nature of the liquid will exfoliate the skin, revealing the newer skin underneath. However, keep in mind that this exfoliation is actually burning away a thin layer of skin at the top, which can eventually lead to serious problems for a guy’s most sensitive areas. If using lemon juice, it’s important to wipe it on gently with a cotton ball, let it dry, then moisturize thoroughly to mitigate the damage.

Why isn’t my penis bleaching working?

A man might go to a professional for penis bleaching, only to find that it works for a day or two - then he has a red penis again. What gives? The issue is simply a man’s anatomy and how it works. The skin on the penis is much thinner than the skin on other parts of the body. The thin skin means that tiny blood vessels will show their colors much more easily. And since there is so much blood flow to the penis and surrounding area, the skin should always have a red tint - that means there’s a healthy supply of blood ready for action when a man wants to get things going with a partner (or even on his own time).

Rather than turn to the expense and possible damage of penis bleaching, a man should instead try to remember that a red penis can actually mean a very healthy penis. To keep that health going, reach for a specially formulated penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Not only can protective nutrients like alpha lipoic acid and L-arginine help ensure better health, they can also help mitigate the damage a man might suffer during his attempt at penis bleaching. Shea butter and vitamin E, a knockout combo of moisturizers, can help ensure the skin heals as quickly as possible.