It’s hard to believe, but nearly half of all men are a little touchy about penis size. When asking groups of men and women if penis size really matters, something interesting arose. There wasn’t just one answer. The answer was different based on situations and the relationship. Let’s take a looksie.

The Situation: The Inaugural Act

It’s the first time with a partner, and it’s usually a bit of an anxious moment. Surely every man wants the "WOW" when he frees his stallion. Here’s the beautiful thing about first times, the D isn’t the star of the show when it comes to overall evaluation and memory. A man merely needs to do two things:

- Last longer than the other dudes

- Do it all better on the first go ‘round than the majority of her/his sexual history

There’s so much going on in the moment that dick size will take a way, way back seat like the trunk of one of those 12 passenger woody station wagons. Have fun and enjoy the moment.

(Quasi) Relationships: The Hook-Up and One-Night Stands

Not surprisingly, women polled mentioned preferred penis size for these sorts of activities was longer and thicker than any other relationship (or lack thereof). Generally, looking for at least seven inches in length and a nice thickness. But why the want when, in other cases, women are less concerned?

Well, in a one-night stand, it’s all about the sex. There’s no real get-to-know-you as a person that can otherwise augment a woman’s feelings about you. When it comes down to the purely sexual, it’s physical and chemical, baby. Now, that’s not to say every woman is demanding you’re Dirk Diggler, it’s just they may get a little more excited for a meatier sausage.

Here's the thing, though. There are plenty of guys swinging a big stick who are crap in bed. Like, really bad. Women will not be singing their praises. It’s usually the opposite. What makes them give you the "five-stars would ride this ride again" review aside from package side? Proper hygiene and smell rank high, but not as high as men who are good kissers and are skilled and generous with oral sex.

Interestingly, on the other side of the fence, gentlemen who prefer men may not want to see one bigger than theirs as it can cause some comparison and competitive feelings. Big is also only desirable if the sex is good. It’s the same for everyone - the skill and generosity of a lover will always outrank size. And those things are entirely in a man’s control. That’s in essence how you can turn a good one-night stand into a friends-with-benefits situation, or more if you are so inclined.

Relationship: Playing the Long Game

Okay, so penis size isn’t the most crucial thing for a relationship to last the test of time, but it doesn’t hurt. Let’s put it simply: a big dick won’t drive a partner away (unless it’s painful), and it likewise won’t keep someone around.

An enjoyable sex life is key to a long-lasting relationship. The average penis size for men is 5.4 to 5.6 inches erect. Women polled generally all were happy with their dude’s hotdog. So, most men are getting the thumbs up on size. Less than 10 percent of women are unhappy with their partner’s schlong, so long as he’s awesome. So, be awesome and you’re golden.

How to Make the Most of What You’ve Got

Many men are happy with their trouser snake, but who doesn’t want a (third) leg up on the competition? Here are a few ways for a man to work what he got and also secure the #1 Lover mug he’s been wanting for Valentine’s Day. Incorporate one or more of these and will penis size really matter? Nah!

1) Trim the Bushes - Manscape to make your penis look bigger. Why hide your light under a basket (of pubes)?

2) Lose Some LBs - Whittle that waist to a healthy weight, and you could get some inches back. Some studies show that a 20-pound weight loss could get you an extra half inch.

3) Oral - Do it and do it well. Enough said on this one.

4) Break Open that Kama Sutra - Certain sexual positions are particularly effective for various sizes of penises. Do a little research and find the positions that best suit your unit (there are tons for every size) and keep those in the repertoire. It’s not to say don’t try others but know where your sweet spots are.

5) Keep it Fresh - No one wants to get face-to-face with a stinky wiener. Practice habitual hygiene! Wash daily or more if needed, be thorough, and rise well. Wear looser undies, so it doesn’t get dank in the drawers. Use a specially formulated penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin) to not only keep skin fresh but also to boost blood flow to the penis for a stronger, fuller erection that is sure to impress. Use once or twice daily for optimal penis health.