Sure, it’s embarrassing to be in the midst of a sexual encounter and suddenly realize the climax is going to come way too soon. So soon, in fact, that early ejaculation means an abrupt stop to part of the activity. Suave men know to keep the action going through other means, but it still leads to many questions about penis health. What’s interesting is that early ejaculation often is not a problem with penis care or penis health; rather, it’s a problem of not knowing the body well enough to be able to control the problem.

Of course, this is not always the case; there are some men who will indeed have a penis health issue that leads to early ejaculation as one of the symptoms. But in most cases, early ejaculation can be remedied with time and patience, not with medications or treatments.

What causes early ejaculation?

It’s quite easy to say that early ejaculation has to do with being a novice in bed, or not having nearly enough experience with a new partner. And in some cases, that might be entirely true. But that particular scenario doesn’t explain why it happens to men of all ages, even those who have decades of experience under their belts. It also doesn’t explain why sometimes it happens, and other times, it doesn’t.

The common thread among men who deal with early ejaculation is a question of timing. For instance, how long are they trying to last? For some men, lasting for an hour or more is asking the impossible, even if they do everything they can to prolong the experience. Today’s society seems to expect that men are virile at all times, able to last as long as they want and of course, be able to perform in a wide variety of ways to keep their partners happy. But as most men are very aware, life doesn’t always work out the way the media and society suggests it should!

Unfortunately, what might be a perfectly natural thing becomes something that appears to be a problem. When a man has an early ejaculation - that is, an ejaculation that occurs within a few minutes of starting sexual play - a man might experience feelings of frustration, worries about his performance, short term or long term depression, anxiety, negative feelings between partners, and even questions about whether he deserves to have a satisfying sex life.

How to overcome early ejaculation

Rather than allow these emotions to frame the experience, it’s much better for a man to view sexual activity as being on a continuum of pleasure, one that has peaks and valleys. For instance, a man who deals with early ejaculation might draw confidence from masturbating before sexual activity with a partner, or accepting his early ejaculation as just part of the experience and continuing on to another ejaculation later in the session.

It’s also important that a man develop his manual and oral pleasuring skills, so that he doesn’t wind up unsure of what to do after that first climax. If he can begin to see that first ejaculation as just the beginning, he is bound to have a much better time - and it’s safe to say his partner will be quite thrilled!

No matter how a man chooses to approach the issue of early ejaculation, it’s important to remember that this might not be a penis health issue at all. But penis care is still vitally important, which is why a man should always have a powerful penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) on hand. A good crème can help ensure a man’s skin stays supple, sensitive and smooth with the application of Shea butter and vitamin E, as well as other nutrients proven to help improve penis health.