When dry, itchy penis skin strikes, a moisturizer is often the top penis care tool doctors recommend. Men might be told to use a quality product once or twice per day until the problem goes away, and they might be told to continue with those products even when they have healed.

That's good advice, but men might wonder why moisturizers are recommended. This article can help. Here's what experts say moisturizers can do to heal damaged skin.

Adding Back a Missing Element

Penile skin cells need a plentiful supply of water. A small portion of every sip of fluid a man drinks is diverted to the skin, so cells stay plumped up and skin stays soft. Unfortunately, water can move from a man's skin and out into the air, particularly when his body is exposed to:

- Hot weather

- Wind

- Warm body temperatures

- Salt water

The body attempts to keep water inside by producing a thick layer of oil. That slick coating keeps water from leaving the cells, so the water stays where it is needed.

Few men like to feel oily and greasy down there. In fact, most men actively avoid a feeling of slickness and greasiness on their intimate body parts. That's why they use soaps, hot water and scrubbing to remove anything that feels remotely slick or greasy.

A hard scrubbing like that is terrible for dry penis skin, however, as it removes the protective coating that those tissues rely upon. Without that oil, dryness will increase and, with it, itchiness as well.

Moisturizers help, because they add back a layer of oil to dry skin. In addition, each dose of a moisturizer also has a bit of water included, so the skin can get the hydration it needs in order to stay healthy.

Smoothing Away the Damage

Penile skin that's cracked and dry tends to get worse with time, not better. Why? Because each little crack works like a magnet for bacteria and fungus that can make skin even less healthy.

For example, a man with a sore penis might still be interested in sex. But if he has sex and uses a spermicide cream, all the harsh agents that keep him from fathering a child can lodge deep in those cracks, wreaking havoc on the skin.

A moisturizer can help, because each dose includes ingredients that help smooth the skin. There will be no cracks and valleys on a man's tool when this product is applied properly. Instead, each crack will be sealed up tight, and no home will remain for invaders.

Those smoothing agents can also be a great help in reducing the dehydration that lies beneath sore skin problems. When skin is sealed up tight with no cracks, there's a smaller chance that moisture will escape through the cells and out into the air.

Getting the Right Help

While moisturizers can be a great help, some products just aren't right for the penis. Products that come with perfumes, for example, can make sore skin even more sensitive. And products that are too greasy can lead to blocked pores and penis pimples.

That's why a penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) is such a great option. These products don't contain harsh ingredients that can make a sore penis worse, and they have the right mix of emollients and hydration agents that can keep skin healthy and happy. A daily application is recommended for all men, so they can avoid dry, itchy penis skin for good. But for men with serious issues they're dealing with right now, a more frequent schedule of application might be the best path to take.