The penis is no stranger to friction; regular use, both with a hand and a partner’s body, give the penile skin plenty to contend with. Skin may also be assaulted by the constant friction provided by the fabric of a man’s undergarments. Even soft fabrics can take their toll over time. Finally, skin may simply be dry and cracked due to a combination of cold weather and canned indoor heat that saps the skin of moisture. The result in each case is pain and sometimes impaired function. It’s important for men to take penis care steps to protect their delicate manhood skin. The following explains why and how to manage a dry penis.

Why Penis Skin Care?

There are a few great reasons to consider the presence of dry, irritated skin on the penis a call to action:

- Dry skin hurts! Cracked and dehydrated skin can feel itchy and sore, two things no man wants for his penis. Using his precious member may be difficult or even impossible, since dry skin lacks the elasticity of healthy skin; sliding it up and down may prove too painful.

- Dry skin generally has cracks in it. In the penis, this could translate to increased risk of bacterial infections, as cracks provide harboring grounds to bacteria. Some bacteria is normal on the penis; when there is an imbalance, smells and infections can occur. Cracked skin is but one risk factor.

- Sensation may be reduced. When skin is injured, the body responds by forming new skin. This new layer is generally tougher than the former; this process, called keratinization, is designed to protect the skin from further harm. However, the tougher layer of skin is less sensitive to sensations, something certainly not beneficial to the penis, which thrives on sensitivity to different forms of touch.

That’s why skin care is important for men, too - particularly, their manhoods.

What Type of Product?

A man with dry penile skin may be tempted to reach for any old lotion he has sitting around the house. But consider the following:

- Penile skin is, hopefully, more sensitive than the skin on the rest of a man’s body. That means it is more susceptible to irritation from chemicals and fragrances. Many lotions designed for the hands, face or body generally may be too harsh for the penis. A man should make sure the product he uses contains natural, non-astringent ingredients (one designed specifically for the penis is best).

- Look for Shea butter on the ingredient list. Shea butter is the oil from an African fruit; it has been used for centuries to treat many different skin conditions, including burns, dandruff, eczema, psoriasis and sores. While it may have an unpleasant odor and consistency for some when applied in its pure form, it is often mixed into preparations with other ingredients for a more pleasant experience.

- Vitamin E is another good ingredient to look out for. It’s all-natural and effective at keeping moisture from leaving the skin. There are several straight vitamin E products out there, such as vitamin E oil, but these tend to be greasy. They may block pores and increase the likelihood of developing pimples. Generally, that’s something men would like to avoid on their penises.

- Invest in a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). A quality product will contain the abovementioned ingredients along with other skin- and penis-friendly components, such as vitamin C, for collagen production and youthful skin, and acetyl L-carnitine, which acts to protect nerves and maintain sensitivity levels. Healthy, supple, moisturized skin on the penis will also help men remain sensitive in the penile region, and will maximize the pleasure a man and his partner take in touching the member. When dry skin attacks, respond with the appropriate weapon.