Chances are, most guys are making a number of very serious penis care mistakes each and every day, and most of them involve treatment of the delicate skin. While these errors might seem harmless enough, men who keep on ruining their tissues with their choices could end up with a dry penis that lacks sensitivity and has an unhealthy appearance.

It doesn't have to be that way. In fact, there are a number of skincare secrets experts use in order to keep the skin down there both healthy and attractive. Here are just a few of these;

1) Drink Plenty of Water.

Staying well-hydrated can plump up the skin cells and help men to fight back against wrinkles and unsightly skin folds. But water can do more than improve the appearance of the skin on the surface level. In fact, some researchers suggest that water plays a key role in the body's efforts to repair and replace damaged cells. When the body has enough water, this process runs smoothly, but when dehydration sets in, further damage can occur.

Drinking water might not be pleasant for all guys, but adding in even a few more glasses each day could translate into skin that’s suppler, softer and healthier-looking. That could be well worth the inconvenience of skipping the soda for plain water.

2) Never, Ever Scrub.

Cleansing products that contain exfoliants are designed to work their way into the skin's cracks, so dirt and ground-in bacteria can float to the surface and get washed away. While it's true that the penis can be exposed to all sorts of elements that a guy might want to scrub away, harsh products like this can do an intense amount of damage to sensitive, fragile cells.

Likewise, using a shower sponge or washcloth down below could leave skin feeling chafed and raw, and if a man ignores that soreness and chooses to add masturbation to the day's menu, he could end up with skin that's so damaged that it cracks and bleeds. It could take him weeks to recover from this type of injury, so in general, it's best to stick with gentle techniques when working on the manhood, as the skin is much too sensitive to withstand the damage that harsh cleaning can bring.

3) Skip the Face Creams.

Products made for the face, including aftershave creams and anti-aging lotions, might contain alcohol, astringents and/or acids. These products are designed to:

- Dry out oily residue

- Speed cell turnover

- Clear away dead skin cells

- Reduce the appearance of wrinkles

A guy just reading the ingredients on a product like this might not see the harm in slapping a little lotion onto his penis, but in reality, these products can lead to world of hurt. The skin down below is very sensitive, and it's sheltered for much of the day. While the skin on his face might benefit from creams like this, they are simply not designed for the more delicate penile tissue. As a result, men should resist the urge to use face creams on the penis.

4) Choose a Quality Product Made Just for the Penis.

Rather than using lotions that aren't really made for intimate use, experts suggest that men should purchase a penis vitamin crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). A product like this contains ingredients that are specifically made to support the health of intimate skin, and they don't contain any perfumes, astringents, or other ingredients that could cause harm.

A cream that contains moisturizing ingredients such as vitamin E and Shea butter (a natural, plant-based emollient that is generally safe for even the most sensitive skin) can provide soothing relief for penile skin that is dry and parched, as well as sealing in moisture to prevent dehydration that can lead to chafing, soreness and loss of sensation. Applying products like this after a daily shower is an ideal solution for maintaining smooth, resilient penile tissue.