Dry skin is the bane of many a man’s existence, particularly during the cold winter months. The dry air saps moisture from the skin, and a man finds no refuge in the comfort of his heated home, vehicle or office, as artificial heat dries the skin out as well. For most parts of the body, a quality lotion, found at any grocery store, will likely suffice. But when a dry penis is the issue, special precautions should be taken. Lotions and creams designed for the rest of the body may irritate delicate penile skin, necessitating care when selecting a moisturizer for the manhood. A product containing the following two ingredients, and lacking in fragrances or chemical additives, is an important component of penis care for men with dry skin.

Shea Butter

Shea butter is a fat extracted from the nut of an African plant called the Shea tree. It is a natural emollient, meaning it helps to soften the skin and make it supple. Shea butter attracts moisture from the surrounding air and, when used as a lotion, helps the skin absorb it. Some of the components of Shea butter also offer anti-inflammatory benefits as well as limited UV protection. It contains vitamin A, which can reduce skin irritation from conditions like eczema and psoriasis, as well as cut down on bacteria and thereby eliminate unwanted odors.

Shea butter can be purchased in its pure form, although some people find the odor a bit off-putting. A pure preparation may also feel a bit greasy until it absorbs into the skin. The ingredient is often incorporated into lotions and creams with other components. When purchasing for use on the penis, or any sensitive skin, men should do a thorough study of the ingredient list on various products to make sure there are no strange chemicals or fragrances. Look for "fragrance-free" or "sensitive skin" on the label. Also, mind how high up on the list Shea butter appears - if it’s one of the first ingredients listed, then there’s more of it in the product.

Vitamin E

This vitamin yields a couple different skin benefits. First, it’s a powerful antioxidant, meaning it works to keep skin cells healthy. This may translate to a more youthful-looking penis. It also helps to prevent oils from being stripped from the skin while washing, which in turn prevents dryness. It helps the skin retain moisture all day and night as well.

Pure vitamin E oil is thick and greasy; aside from not feeling so pleasant in the groin area, it may actually cause breakouts by clogging pores. That’s why it’s best to look for this ingredient in a product with other components as well. As with Shea butter, men should ensure that the product they select is free of fragrances and chemicals.

Penis Health Crème

Men can find the benefits of both Shea butter and vitamin E in a quality crème specifically designed for penile skin. Looking for a penis-specific product can prevent a man from buying a lotion that causes irritation where such is least desired.

In the interest of getting the most bang for a man’s buck, it’s best to seek out a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) that contains other ingredients in addition to these two natural moisturizers that benefit the penis in other ways. L-arginine promotes nitric oxide production, which helps blood vessels open to facilitate stronger erections. Acetyl L-carnitine protects nerves, and this is important for the penis; years of use, both with the hand and with partners, can cause a partial deadening of the nerves that leads to reduced sensation - something few men welcome. The best penis-specific creams will promote all-around penile and sexual health.