No man enjoys dry skin, but dry penis skin is a nuisance in its own category. The skin can become raw and flaky, leading to penile pain and, importantly, an inability to feel pleasure like normal. Fortunately, there are penis care steps men can take to manage this uncomfortable condition. The following are common causes of dry penis skin.


Simply rubbing up against a man’s clothing can cause the penis to dry out by chafing the skin. Men are particularly susceptible to this if they go commando; most pants materials aren’t very soft. If a man’s underwear is causing the chafing, he could try investing a few more bucks in more luxurious pairs.

Hot Water

Many men enjoy a nice, long shower, but if that water is hot, it’s going to strip away the skin’s natural oils, which are needed to keep it moisturized. Showering in warm water is best!


Soap is great at washing away dirt and bacteria; it’s also great at drying the skin out, unfortunately. But in general warm water is sufficient for washing the penis, so men can try skipping the soap in the region altogether. If a guy simply can’t get into the idea of leaving soap out of the penis cleaning routine, he should be careful to choose something natural and gentle. The soap or body wash he uses on the rest of himself is likely too harsh for the manhood.


This skin condition occurs when the immune system isn’t working properly and overproduces skin cells. These form plaques of skin that are dry and often very itchy. If a man has psoriasis on other parts of his body, it may affect the penis as well.

Medicated creams with steroids in them or treatment with UV light are usually in order for psoriasis, although these methods may be too harsh for the penis. Ask one’s doctor about using a gentler form of moisturizer on the member.

Lack of Lube

Lots of guys enjoy a good "dry rub," but the friction created by the hand during solo play can do a number on the manhood skin. There are plenty of products on the market designed for the purpose. If that’s not an option, a guy can try using a lotion around the house, making sure it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals or fragrances. Coconut oil is a great option if that’s around. Don’t use soap or shampoo!

Adequate lubrication is important during partner sex as well. Be sure NOT to use oil-based lubricants, such as Vaseline, baby oil or coconut oil, while using latex condoms. The oil can erode latex, leaving both partners unprotected.

Contact Dermatitis

If the manhood comes in contact with a strange plant, chemical or other foreign material, it may develop an itchy rash called contact dermatitis. This uncomfortable condition will go away on its own once the manhood is kept from coming in contact with the offending substance for a while, but it may be uncomfortable enough to merit some form of treatment. A moisturizer is a good bet. Some doctors prescribe medicated creams.

For common causes of dry skin, men may benefit from the use of a quality penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). With Shea butter and vitamin E, Man1 Man Oil provides two natural moisturizers for smooth, soft and supple penile skin. Additional beneficial ingredients include vitamin C and L-arginine, which promote healthy circulation in the member. A penis health crème can protect the skin from the frictions of the day (and night), ensuring that the skin stays sensitive to pleasurable feelings while keeping discomfort at bay.