Having a penis means living with worry. Is it big enough? Does it work well enough? Will other people like it? It can be hard for guys to get any rest with all these questions rattling around. For men with dry penis skin, the questions can be even more complicated. They may wonder how big of a problem their situation is, and they may also have questions about what penis care steps they can take to manage the issue. Thankfully, these are queries that are remarkably easy to answer.

How Bad is It?

The top concern men might have involves the seriousness of the matter. They want to know if this is a problem that they can ignore, or if this is an issue that's best handled in an emergency room. Typically, dry skin issues fall somewhere between these two extremes.

On the one hand, this is a problem that can have a deep impact on a man's sex life. After all, penis skin that's dry can't stretch well, and that means erections are uncomfortable. Similarly, very dry skin can get scarred and thick, which creates a loss of sensation and, therefore, a lack of pleasure. If sex is important, keeping skin soft is also important.

On the other hand, skin that's dry isn't the end of the world. A man can't spread this problem to another person, so it's not considered communicable. So it's important, but it's not an emergency.

A visit with a doctor, made during regular office hours, is an appropriate first step. Men who do this will get the medical help they need, but they won't be overwhelming an emergency department with a problem that might not be all that urgent.

How Easy is It to Handle?

There are a number of treatments a doctor might prescribe in response to very dry penis skin, including:

- Steroid creams

- Antibiotic pills

- Warm packs

- Bandages

But sometimes, skin is just a little bit dry, and it doesn't require this much intensive care in order to heal. For guys with minimal dryness, a few at-home amendments can do the trick quite nicely.

1) Drinking plenty of water is a good first step. This will keep cells puffed up and hydrated, and with enough water, skin cells might produce a slick layer of oil that can trap moisture in. Taking in an appropriate amount of liquid is vital, so it pays for men to keep drinking water.

2) As men work on putting water in, they should look for ways to reduce the amount of moisture that leaves through their pores. Removing astringent-based soaps and colognes could be incredibly helpful in this effort. These products might smell great, and they might even feel good going on, but they can force the cells to give up all the moisture they've been collecting. That means dryness might be exacerbated every time these products are applied.

Replacing those products is easy, once men know what to look for. Soaps with no perfume and no alcohol can be great odor-busters, and they leave the skin's hydration intact. They shouldn't be used on the penis, but using them elsewhere on the body can impact a man's nether region. After all, suds from his shoulders slide down to his feet during a shower, and that journey includes the penis. Choosing the right overall body care products can be vital for the health of the penis, too.

3) In addition, a penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) is a great tool in the fight against dry skin. Quality products contain the right mix of ingredients that keep moisture in and the skin, smooth and supple. A daily application is all it takes to boost the health of the skin and keep dry tissue problems away for good.