As fall approaches, many are ready to embrace the crisp, cool temperatures after a hot and sticky summer. And while the return of cooler temperatures may be a comfortable change of pace for many, for some it brings with it a distinctive discomfort: dry skin. As the air loses humidity, it can sap moisture from the skin. And for men, this can be especially burdensome when they are affected by dry penis skin. Practicing appropriate penis care during the cooler months can help prevent and manage dry skin in the nether regions.

The following tips will help men’s manhood skin stay hydrated and healthy.

Avoid hot water

A nice, hot shower is delightful on a cold fall morning. But hot water can dry the skin out, particularly in combination with crisp air. Stick with warm water when washing the member.

Skip the soap

Guys might be able to use a mild cleanser on the penis at certain times of the year with no problem, but they may find their washing regimen causes issues once autumn sets in. Men might do well do change their washing habits with the changing color of the leaves, then. Go with warm water for washing the penis, skipping the soap.

Don’t skip the briefs

Some men loosen up the underwear protocol during the summer when soft shorts and swim trunks are in play. But once it’s time to put the jeans back on, it’s a good idea to wear a protective layer between the coarse material and a man’s delicate penile skin, since denim can chafe the skin. Cotton underwear is soft and breathable, making it a suitable material for undergarments.

Use lube

Some guys find that they enjoy masturbating without lube, and sometimes, their penises may produce ample natural lubrication to prevent chafing. But this may fall through once the weather turns colder. If one is prone to dry skin in the colder months, it’s a good idea to use lube, even if one is not accustomed to the practice. This goes for sex, too.

Stay hydrated

One way to promote proper moisture levels of the skin is from within - by drinking plenty of water. Guys may think they can decrease water intake after the summer, since they’re not likely sweating as much, but maintaining high levels of hydration is always important. And it can be a boon in the skin department in particular during the fall and winter.


Just as men put lotion on the rest of their bodies to moisturize the skin, it’s important to do so on the penis as well if it’s prone to dryness. This can not only provide moisture to the skin, but prevent the cool air from sapping it away.

Men may be tempted to reach for whatever lotion they may have lying around and slap it on the penis. However, this isn’t always the best plan. Penis skin is more delicate than skin on the rest of the body, and many lotions contain chemicals or fragrances that may irritate the manhood skin.

That’s why it’s a good idea to invest in a product designed specifically for the penis. A quality penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can help lock in moisture without irritating penis skin. Man1 Man Oil contains both Shea butter and vitamin E, two powerful yet gentle natural moisturizers that keep the skin smooth, soft and supple. This moisturizer also contains ingredients to support penile health in other ways. L-arginine promotes increased circulation, which aids in strong erections; acetyl L-carnitine protects nerve health, which is imperative for proper penile sensitivity levels. Adding such a crème to a man’s regimen can boost the look and feel of his member, not only during the colder months, but year-round.