Dry skin anywhere on the body can be annoying at best and painful at worst. Occasionally severely dry skin will happen for no apparent reason, especially if that dryness is in an area that is usually covered up. Though exposed skin, such as that on hands and feet, might often become dry, it might not make sense when a dry penis occurs. However, the culprit is usually lack of good penis care. Here are some of the most common dry penile skin causes and how to remedy them.

Why is dry penis happening?

Dryness anywhere on the body is usually simply due to lack of hydration. Thirst reminds us that our bodies need more water, but the tight, sometimes itchy feeling of dry skin is all too often ignored. The busier the day gets, the easier it becomes to forget to hydrate the skin just as often as we hydrate the body.

Dry penile skin causes might be as simple as this: A lack of hydration directly on the skin. To remedy this, a great penile crème with a strong emollient is the best bet. But what if the dryness issue seems to persist, or even get worse, despite doing all the right things? Then the cause could be much more than simple dry skin.

Soap is a drying agent

Even if a soap claims to be moisturizing, it can’t have too much of the moisturizing ingredients - otherwise, those who use it would never feel clean! Soap is known for drying out skin all over the body, including that on the penis. Though a good scrub always feels good, take it easy on the soap down there - and make a point of bathing in water that isn’t too hot, as the heat can quickly dry the skin out even more.

Annoying allergies

Sometimes an allergy to something new can lead to serious skin dryness, skin peeling on penis, or even cracking and bleeding. These allergies often occur when something comes into direct contact with the penis, such as a new type of condom, a switch to a new laundry detergent, trying out a new soap, or even a partner’s perfume. In order to remedy this, work through the process of elimination until the culprit is found.

Sexual activity

Sometimes the problem stems from sexual play. It might be an extended sex session with a partner, masturbating more than usual, or even falling asleep without washing away spermicide residue. These problems can usually be remedied by taking a bit of a break from intimate play and ensuring good hygiene when spermicide, lubricants and the like are used. If the problem continues, remember that sometimes infections can lead to dry skin, so it is best if both partners get checked out by a physician.

Inverse psoriasis

Very dry skin might be caused by this particular type of psoriasis. Though psoriasis typically looks rather scaly, this inverse psoriasis starts in the genital area and surrounding skin, and looks smooth and red. The lesion will be very dry, and might even lead to skin peeling on penis. The good news is that this type of psoriasis can be easily treated, usually with light therapy or specially formulated crèmes.

Keep skin smooth and supple

At the first sign of dry penis, take steps to remedy the situation. In addition to ruling out the problems listed here, start using a powerful penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) to ensure the smoothest, softest skin possible. A strong moisturizer, such as one that includes Shea butter, will go a long way to alleviating dryness. The amino acids, antioxidants and vitamins in a high-quality crème can also help ensure the best penis health, especially since they are applied directly to and absorbed through the skin.